Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Awhile back I became a 'fan' of Blue Star Families on Facebook, and have been incredibly impressed with everything I have seen from this wonderful organization.  I was already a 'member' of BSF and would read the email newsletters they sent me - but the regular facebook posts are so much more helpful!  Always something that makes me say, "wow".

The latest 'wow' for me from BSF was a link they posted to another organization called "Operation We Are Here".  The website has an amazing list of resources for service members and their families, with a comprehensive index to sort through it all.

I can't even choose a favorite link, there are so many GREAT resources on this site!

If you are not religious, about half of the links will probably be of little use to you - especially under the "Marriage" list for deployment resources.  However, if you are LOOKING for faith-based advice, this may be the most comprehensive resource list I have ever seen.

After you check out Operation We Are Here, besure to head over to Christina's blog and vote for me in her playlist contest - check out my post with my top five songs to listen to while my hubby is away and make sure you VOTE for me - help me win a cool custom t-shirt!


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