Tuesday, July 6, 2010

headache, or DEATH? (psa)

OK this will be brief, but this is my own little version of a public service announcement....

Did you know that taking acetamenophen (Tylenol) with alcohol  - or right before or after drinking - can KILL you?

This has been a known fact for quite some time and yet it seems NO ONE knows this.  Well, E.R. doctors know it - in fact I first heard this a couple years ago from my own brother, who is an E.R. doc!  But the general partying public seems to have NO clue.

It turns out that the toxic combination of alcohol and acetamenophen can actually shut down your liver, leading to sudden coma or even death.

Think you're safer with ibuprophen (Advil)?  THINK AGAIN.

The best prevention/cure for a hangover is actually WATER, and lots of it.  A hangover is really just the painful bundle of symptoms of severe dehydration. 

To avoid a hangover, you can pre-hydrate before you go partying, or drink lots of water WHILE partying (one cup of water for every single serving of alcoholic beverage is a good rule of thumb).  As a last resort, if you don't do anything proactively, you can always drink a bunch of water when you get home after drinking, and when you wake up all cotton-mouthed with your head exploding and your tummy turning, drink MORE water. 

Better yet, don't start out by drinking so much alcohol that you can't even *walk*!

Take good care of your body, it will thank you in 20 years....

For me personally, I would rather stay alive with a pounding headache than to DIE walking/stumbling home from a fireworks show.


Mrs. Gambizzle said...

Haha I feel pretty stupid now I mean I knew it was bad but I don't ever think about it... just did it yesterday morning after waking up with a headache. Thanks for posting this :)

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