Sunday, July 25, 2010

Semper Spouse

*****7/27/10 update....Semper Spouse is no more.  The site was shut down by its founders overnight.*****

Are you a Semper Spouse?  Check out the cute button on the top left of my blog - this is an awesome new community for Marine Wives (and Marine Girlfriends and Fiancees).  If this is you, CLICK the button and join us!

In addition to helping us find one another through the cool Members Page (list your blog there!) they have great discussions and posts that are relevant to all USMC wives, and even great giveaways!

The current giveaway is for those currently going through deployment (as of July 31, 2010) and the prize is a $40 CSN Stores gift card!  WOO HOO!

If you love a Marine and are NOT already on the Semper Spouse blog, go check it out, and if you love it, join.  Then participate in the discussions, make some new friends, learn something new, teach us all something.  It's a community, come on in girls!


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