Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I have so many things to be happy about right now, but the biggest is BIG BIG BIG news....the deployment is OFF!  Hubby is NOT preparing to leave for nearly a year!  He'll still return to his regular work schedule in a week or so, which often takes him away from us for 3 or 4 days at a time, but he gets to come HOME a lot, too. I'm still so nervous about my own return to work as I adjust to the new baby, give Bobblehead enough attention,  etc. but now I am more excited than nervous.

I get to CELEBRATE having this beautiful baby (who still needs a blog name - any suggestions?)

I get to CELEBRATE Bonehead leaving for Navy boot camp in 3 weeks

I get to CELEBRATE my Doula business, which is still growing despite my current hiatus from attending births (more demand for Birth Photography and Placenta Encapsulation, both of which I CAN do without having to be away from baby for so long)

I get to CELEBRATE my birthday AND Mother's Day with my hubby by my side! Not on the other side of the world! YAY!

I get to CELEBRATE the baby's upcoming baptism, and enjoy time with family & friends

I get to CELEBRATE my blogiversary, which I think passed a few weeks ago.....I've been blogging here for three years already! Maybe this should be celebrated with a giveaway?

But mostly, just ready to celebrate the deployment being cancelled. SO freaking exciting for this tired, overwhelmed mommy!
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