Sunday, August 19, 2012

BOSTON (picture post)

OK, as promised, here are some pictures from our trip to Boston last weekend:

Bobblehead's first flight on an 'ehhpaaaane'

My handsome men (minus Bonehead since we left him in California with his big sister)

I actually missed the ceremony after being sick as a dog ALL DAY, 
but managed to pull myself together and hold down some ginger ale 
just in time to go to the reception. I think I still looked peaked here,
bu nobody seemed to notice. I'm so happy I at least got to GO!

Sweetest couple - so in love!

I love catching him SMILING on camera! 
Yes, the alcohol probably had something to do with this, but I'm so glad he had a good time.

He's smiling again! HA HA HA note the glass in his hand (again)
The groom's lovely sister had LOTS of great stories to tell about her big brother.

Hey Babe, there's a monkey on your back.....

Sitting in the middle of Boston Common

Granary Burial Ground (final resting place of Samuel Adams & Paul Revere, among others)

The first time the Declaration of Independence was ever read 
to the public, it was done from this balcony. 
They read it again every 4th of July here.

Playing with daddy. This playground sits on the spot that used to be THE GALLOWS.
Charming, huh? ha ha ha

Bobblehead LOVES pizza, and he loved this cool 
chair in our hotel room, which doubled as a high-chair while we were there.

Paul Revere House

Copp's Hill Burying Ground

You can see the steeple of the Old North Church in the background 
(where the signal lanterns were hung the night of Paul Revere's famous ride)

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