Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I heart facebook

I've asked hubby a couple of times to send me pictures from deployment-land, but his internet is so spotty he hasn't been able to send much.

I think I've mentioned before that he is over there with another unit (not his own unit), which is based out of Okinawa - and that unit has a FB page! :)  The CO posts updates and photos on there occasionally, and today I found THIS PICTURE of my amazing husband posted on the unit page on FB:

It's incredible how seeing a picture of him just completely MADE MY DAY.  I have a dentist apppointment in an hour, and I am SMILING right now instead of shaking in fear (I've been a fearful patient for about ten years, and usually need anxiety medication just to get IN that stupid chair....and of course can't take those meds while preggo).

So, to my husband's CO, THANK YOU for making my day by posting this picture!  And to Facebook, THANK YOU for making all these connections possible!  Most of all, to the love of my life, THANK YOU for everything.  I love you, babe!

**P.S. Have you voted for me yet?  Head over to Christina's blog, Married To A Sailor and check out all the entries, and if you love my deployment playlist, VOTE for me!  I'm in second place right now, and I really want to win this one. THANKS!!!**


Mrs. Doc Handsome said...

That is so neat they have a facebook page! So glad you got to see your hubby and have it brighten your day! P.S. I also fear the dentist...and now I'm paying big time because I have to get a root canal. =[

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