Sunday, May 29, 2011

Video linkup, week 9

This week's video is one that sparked a lot of discussion when I first saw it a few years ago...... parents all over the world have certain things in common, and there are certain things that parents of one culture do which absolutely SHOCK parents of other cultures.  (like the current circumcision debate)

So, I ask you, would YOU let your child play with a 15-foot python?

OK close your jaw now, and go post your own viral video for the week!

Just come back here and link up by clicking the blue "add your link" button below, and don't forget to link back to me in your post, so your readers can join in, too.

*EDIT* this was a scheduled post, and did not post at 5 AM like it should have - so I am leaving it open an extra now have until midnight Tuesday night (Pacific time)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

music linkup week 14 "Love Song"

It is rare for me to like a song, then hear a cover of it by another band and like it MORE.

This song was a favorite of mine when my hubby and I were first dating (back when it was done by The Cure....AWESOMENESS!)

When I heard the re-make of Love Song done by 311, I was FLOORED!  They actually made the song even BETTER!  I still like The Cure, and the original version still moves me, but today in Bed Bath & Beyond I heard the 311 version and have NOT been able to get it out of my head!

"however far away...I will always love you..."

Now, go post YOUR song for the week, and be sure to visit Amber at Goodnight Moon and link up so we can listen in!


Some things are taboo....but on this blog, not much falls into that category!  If you've read my blog from the beginning, you know I am not shy about intimacy. Sex. Boom-chicka-wow-wow. Doing the deed. Whatever you call it, it is a NORMAL, healthy part of our lives.  Married, single, deployed, etc....we ALL have certain needs. is a great way to meet some of those needs!  They have couples products for you to use WITH your partner, from candles, to love games, to oral sex enhancers.  Yeah, I totally just went there. 

Or, if you're alone a lot (like many of my milspouse friends going through deployments) then you might want to check out the "BOB" in, Battery Operated Boyfriend.  They have a really great selection!  I'm partial to the rechargeable kind, and in fact am considering buying THIS ONE to replace my Hitachi Magic Wand "neck massager"  *AHEM*

Maybe your love is on the other side of the world, as mine was most of last year.  If that's the case, consider sending him a sexy care package!  (Make sure you find out what's allowed and what's not allowed over there, so you don't get him in any trouble). Maybe you could include some sexy photos of YOU, and perhaps a masturbation sleeve.  I think this one looks discreet AND easy to clean. Don't forget to order him some good toy cleaner and a nice lube, while you're at it.

You can be as bold (or shy) as you want to be, because everything is handled securely and discreetly through this great online store.

disclaimer: I have been offered a gift card in exchange for writing this review, and I promise to report back with at least a 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' on the specific products I purchase!  I know you want details......

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

yet another picture post (with a video, too!)

May 2011 has been an exciting month for us.

Bonehead finished his third year of JROTC, and we actually all made it to his awards ceremony!  Missed the drill competition part, which I would have LOVED to videotape, but at least we saw the awards part.

Bonehead also finally made it to his confirmation (although I admit I wanted to strangle him ON THE WAY to the church....this boy continues to push all of my buttons!)

Knucklehead is absolutely AMAZING with Baby Bobblehead.....always helpful no matter what.

Speaking of Knucklehead, this season of basketball ended well.....we were tied for third place going into the playoffs, and we lost our first (and therefore ONLY) playoff game.  We had a team party at my co-coach's house, and the boys all had a BLAST!  Burgers, hot dogs, chips, etc etc etc. 

Oh, and lets not forget, CAKE! My friend Regina (who also co-coached with me, even though her own kids are too young to play yet) made this.....I absolutely LOVE the idea of putting cake balls on the cake!  Isn't she awesome???

Bobblehead is learning to crawl...he still does more of a 'scoot' than a crawl, but he's definitely what you would call MOBILE.

He also loves hanging out with his cousin, 2 weeks older than him:

"So this monkey walks into a bar...."

LOL....looks like his cousin (on the right) didn't get the joke.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

video linkup, WEEK 8!!!

I'm torn between feeling excited that this linkup is still alive after 8 weeks, and being SAD that the participation is still just a handful of (AWESOME) bloggers.  Are you linking back to this post on your own blog after you share your link here? (or before, doesn't matter)  If your followers can't find me, they can't join in the fun!

This week's video is a cute one - and there are MILLIONS of these out there (literally).

Do you have kids?  If so, did you get to do anything FUN to break the news to anyone?  My first three pregnancies were all 'surprises' (AKA unplanned) so when we finally got to TRY for number 4, and were successful, I was thrilled to be able to tell EVERYONE.  My mom was the most fun: we had planned a trip to a taping of The Price Is Right (on her birthday the previous year she got called down as a contestant!  SO EXCITING!....but this was supposed to be MY was my 16th attempt to get on the show). I always make the shirts, and her shirt for this trip was supposed to say "Grammy of 23".  Yeah, I know, that's a LOT of grandchildren! So, when I showed up to pick her up that morning I gave her her shirt, which said "Grammy of 24"....she was confused for just a second before a little lightbulb went off, and she looked at me and asked, "who's pregnant?"...That's when I opened my jacket to show her MY shirt, which had a picture of my positive pregnancy test, and the words, "HEY MOM, I'M PREGNANT"

I still can't believe I didn't get picked to be a contestant that day!  HA HA HA. I went back once more with a group of milspouses, and one of the girls in my group got on and WON some cool trip number 19 might just be the charm!

OK so now that I've completely rambled on, what is YOUR video for the week?  Click the little button at the bottom of this post to add your link (make sure you enter YOUR blog URL in the box when prompted)

Don't forget to VISIT all the other links, too!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Music linkup week 13 "Please Don't Leave Me"

I can't believe its already time for this linkup again! 

I've been a bad blogger lately, but its not laziness....its kind of on purpose, because we're going through some serious stuff here, stuff I can't seem to blog about.  Privacy, denial, lack of WORDS to describe it, whatever. Just not ready to get into all of this yet. 

In the meantime, this song has been in my head for three mornings in a row now - it's one of my favorites by Pink, and for awhile a couple of years ago it was the ringtone assigned to my hubby's number in my cellphone - I heard this song every time he called me.

If you have not already linked up, go do it now!   Click HERE to visit Amber at Goodnight Moon and add YOUR link so we can hear whatever song is moving you this week.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

video linkup, WEEK 7

Good morning!  No, I am not really awake at 5 AM on a Sunday, this is a scheduled post.

First of all, I want to welcome my new followers, and let everyone know that I LOOOOOVE comments - don't be afraid to start up a little conversation here, folks.  You can even email me ANY time with questions, comments, etc and I will do my very best to get back to you right away.

Second, and perhaps most importantly, it's time for this week's VIRAL VIDEO LINKUP!

If you're new here, or have been asleep for the past several weeks, this linkup runs every Sunday & Monday, and is a place to share your favorite viral video of the week.  It can be funny, scary, wild, sad, just whatever moves you.  After you post your video on your own blog, come back here and hit the little "add your link" button at the bottom of this post; paste in your own blog's URL and follow the instructions, and your link will appear in my list!  (The real fun begins when you go VISIT everyone's links, and check out the videos)

I've found new blog friends and some HILARIOUS new (to me) viral video content, so I am really glad I decided to keep this link going. 

My video this week is a FUNNY one, featuring a favorite comedian named Tom Mabe.  Mr. Mabe has a serious hate on for ALL telemarketers, so he reverse-harasses them when they call his house. His goal is to get the telemarketer to hang up on HIM (and he records the silliness for all of US to enjoy)

Now go change your pants - you just peed them, right? - and then come back to link up with us!  The link stays open for new additions until Monday night at 11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time.

(PS if we can get TEN people to participate in this linkup, I will spring for the paid inlinkz tool that allows us to display thumblinks instead of text-only links...tell your friends!)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Goodnight Moon's MUSIC Linkup, week 12 "Red, Red Wine"

AMAZING that its already 12 weeks int to this cool linkup!  I haven't missed one yet.

If you want to join in, be sure to visit GOODNIGHT MOON and link up!

My song this week (surprise surprise) is from the least THIS version of it,  by UB40.  Did you know it was actually first written and released by Neil Diamond in 1967????  Then someone else remade it as a Reggae song in 1969, and UB40 did a cover version of THAT song in 1983.  Some say that even UB40 did not know at the time that they were covering a Neil Diamond song.  Crazy, right?  HA HA AH

Anyway, I have enjoyed a lot of "wine tasting" days over the past few weeks, between Easter, my Birthday, and Mothers Day.  That's what happens when you live in wine country.  I also have made a point to enjoy "wine o' clock" several nights a week after the kids are in bed.  However, I tend to enjoy the sweet white wines, like a Reisling or a Moscato, not the RED wine the band is singing about. (mostly because I like my wine chilled, and reds are normally served at room temperature).  The most red my wine usually gets is a Rose, and that's rare for me.

Without boring you further, please enjoy UB40's RED RED WINE:

It's not quite 7 AM where I am, and writing this post makes me kinda want a glass of wine NOW....does this make me a "wine-o"?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Video linkup, week 6!

If you're new here, WELCOME!  If you're a regular, you already know the drill: post a viral video on your blog, then come back here and link up!

This week several Mother's Day related videos went around on Facebook, etc but one really got to me.  This one made me wish my daughter was still speaking to me, made me want to share this with her.

On this Mother's Day, I will cherish the three children I still have here, and will also hug my own mother a little tighter - she had open heart surgery a week ago, and is recovering.

What video or videos moved you this week?  POST AWAY, and be sure you link up so we can all check it out!

Friday, May 6, 2011

and I thought I was crazy BEFORE....


This week has been IN-FREAKING-SANE.  I'm so happy it's almost over!  I really REALLY need to get a good baby carrier that can handle all my curves because this baby will NOT let me put him down.  At this rate, he will NEVER crawl, but I think I'm OK with that.  I just need a way to get something - anything - finished around here.

Real quick, before mr. demanding wakes up and latches onto me for the next 16 or 18 hours, I have some exciting news!  My pregnancy blog was nominated for the "Top 25 Military Family Blogs" on Circle of Moms!  If you want to vote for me, go to Circle of Moms Top 25 Military Family Blogs

(look for "Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat" when you get there)

If you really love me, you'll vote for me.  And you do love me, right?  :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

music linkup, week 11 "1985"

By now you probably know the drill - to join this awesome weekly dance party, head over to Amber's blog, Goodnight Moon, and turn up your speakers!

Some of you may have noticed by now that I am kinda stuck in the 80's.  Ok, not 'kinda', I *AM* stuck in the 80's! I normally would not put this information out there in blogland, but it is pertinent - I literally LIVE on the corner of Loggins & McCartney!  Those are the actual street names.  True story.

My kids think it's funny, in a sad 'old lady' kind of way.  Not that I am OLD, per se. But Knucklehead was shocked/dismayed on my birthday earlier this week, when I told him I am 37 years old.  His jaw dropped, and he said, "You and Dad are almost FORTY????"  What, like 40 is old?


This song is NOT from the 80's, but is about my 80's obsession.

It's by Bowling For Soup, and is very appropriately titled, "1985".  ENJOY! 

And if you havent already linked up, GO DO IT!

Random ramblings

I have so much on my mind these days, but can't seem to pull together one cohesive post.

Instead, I offer you random bits of the chaos in my head at the moment:

My mom had open heart surgery the other day.  Triple bypass.  Now they say her heart has a good 20 or 30 years left in it!  Don't know about the rest of her, though.

Miracle whip is WAY better than mayonnaise.

Holy crap, only 3 1/2 weeks of school left!  Summer vacation sounds good right now.

My birthday was pretty awesome.  Hubby kinda phoned it in (as usual) but my awesome friends made up for it!  Wish they could make up for OTHER areas he's been neglecting *ahem*  Yeah, I totally just went there.  Sorry.  Or maybe I'm not. (?)

Scentsy 'Newborn Nursery' smells freaking AWESOME.  I love it!

Bobblehead has been so incredibly clingy lately - I hope he doesn't wake up before I finish typing my list of random thoughts.

Last week I (finally) cleaned some of the mess in my closet, and put away all of my maternity clothes.  The sadness this brought me made me realize I really DO want another baby - even knowing that will mean more of this crazy lack-of-sleep, lack-of-sex, get-me-off-this-fucking-ride feeling.

Bonehead has his interview today at the youth academy I am trying to get him into.  I want him to get in so he can better himself, but if I am being honest, I really want it so I can get RID of his rebellious butt for 5 months.  Especially after the hell he put me through yesterday!  I almost called the cops fact, would have, if he had not tried to take the phone away from me while I was trying to dial.  What am I going to do if he does NOT get into the academy???

Wine should really be served with every meal.  Is there a breakfast wine?

Jarhead AKA Hubby is spiraling in depression again - and my efforts to help him only seem to make it worse.  I keep HOPING he will follow through and get counseling, as he promised.  He lied to me last week and said he is already IN counseling.

Knucklehead's basketball season is almost over - still can't believe I signed up to COACH.  What was a I thinking???? And yet, we're doing really well.  Fourth place of eight teams, and all three of the teams ahead of us are A-MAZ-ING.  Knucklehead seems to be holding back a little in games, maybe he doesn't like me being 'Coach Gaile' instead of 'Mom'?  *sigh* Only one more game left in the regular season, and then we go into playoffs.

I've really gotta hit the yard sales for some baby stuff.  Which reminds me, I am looking for a used Ergo Baby Carrier - anyone have one for sale?

DUH.  Mimosas!  Champagne + Orange Juice.  Breakfast wine. Sometimes I am a freakin GENIUS.

But most of the time I am the crazy-chaotic-unproductive-rambling-hot-mess you see here.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Video Linkup, WEEK 5

OK Bloggy friends, lets try this again....

Week five of the viral video linkup is here!

Last week kinda....well, BOMBED.  I'm guessing because it was Easter?  Lets see if we can get this week's participation up to ten bloggers, and maybe I'll spring for the PAID inlinkz tool so we can use THUMBNAILS in the link list, instead of just text.

To join in, just post a video you want to share on your blog, then come on over here and linkup!  Don't forget to link back to this post in your blog, so others can join in too.

Your video can be anything that moves you - funny, sad, sweet, unbelievable, etc.

This week I'm celebrating my birthday, so I thought I would share this super sweet video - it's a flashmob surprise for a bus driver in Copenhagen on his birthday.

How cool is that?  Check out that grin!  His birthday is this week, too.  Happy birthday, bus driver!

Now click the link below and add YOUR pick for this week!

There is NO THEME for this linkup, but if you need help, just post a flash mob video! (I heart flash mobs)

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