Sunday, July 11, 2010

You know your husband is deployed when...

Laura over at Diamonds and Dog Tags posted this LIST today, and I thought I would continue the theme.

Before I add to her list, I just want to say that I LOVE #20 - I would never have even met Laura if we weren't both going through deployment right now, and yet here we are - we even get to hang out in real life sometimes, and meet each other's cool friends, and make even MORE new friends.....

So, here's my contribution to the list:

You know your husband is deployed when.....

1. You want to smash your car radio if one-more-lovesong comes on (and you completely skip the pre-set for that station that plays nothing but lovesongs)

2.  Your husband's side of the bed is still made in the morning, but is also covered with the necessities like your cellphone, charger, laptop, and whatever you're currently reading.

3. Your daily wardrobe selection depends heavily on whether or not the outfit has a pocket for your cellphone

4. You find yourself buying batteries in bulk. (AHEM!)

5. Your grocery bill is cut in half, but your take-out budget has doubled.

6. You can go two full weeks without doing any laundry.

7. You can go two full weeks without doing any DISHES.

8. You can have girls night out every night - but find its missing something without hubby there to feel neglected in your absence.

9. You've spent more time at the RedBox kiosk than at the gym.

10. Your daily routine includes 1,298 logins to check email JUST IN CASE hubby sent you something.

Now go add your own to this list.....pass it on!


Laura said...

LMAO #4! And #7 (cuz you know my thing with dishes hahaha)

Gaile said...

Laura, What do you mean, YOUR thing with dishes? I think it's universal....or at least widespread. :)

L.C. said...

Love it! Third deployment here too!

Amber said...

So cute!!!!!!!

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