Wednesday, July 7, 2010

until the end of time

When hubby and I got married 8 years ago, he wanted a titanium wedding band.  At the time, titanium was not very popular for jewelry, because it is a very hard metal - and therefore difficult to work with.  I asked my love if he wouldn't prefer maybe a white gold or even platinum ring, as those were available on virtually every corner, and he said the sweetest thing to me!  He said, "I want titanium because it is strong like us"


So, needless to say, I found a company that sold titanium rings online, found the perfect band for him, and then had it engraved (and engraving on something as hard as titanium is NO easy task).  The inside of his wedding band says.. "07/06/02....until the end of time"

Of course now he has NO excuse for ever forgetting our anniversary, since our wedding date is permanently etched onto the shiny little piece of titanium that he wears on his left hand!  Ha ha ha! 

When we've had our problems, as every couple does, it also helps us both to take a deep breath when we feel like giving up, and remember that we are committed to one another, and to this marriage, UNTIL THE END OF TIME.  Not even just 'til death do us part' or 'as long as we both shall live'....but until time actually ends.  Forever

The funny thing is, now there seems to be a titanium fad or trend - if you do an internet search for titanium wedding bands, you will get countless results - though many of the rings are actually titanium coated rather than being 100% titanium.

I wish I could share here some of the things hubby said to me in our brief anniversary phone call last night- but it was personal enough that I think I'd better just tell you that he is incredibly sweet and romantic, and can make my knees weak from halfway around the world.


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Mandy said...

It is definitely getting more popular. I got married in 2005 and my husband got a Titanium ring too. A buddy of his had one and it survived their deployment to Iraq without a my husband had to have it!

Lynita said...

I am so glad that you got to talk on your anniversary and that it was a great conversation. Ryan wants a titanium band too, his fingers got too fat for his original. ;) With our budget I might be able to get him one that is just titanium plated for our anniversary.

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