Friday, July 9, 2010

Marine wife....and Marine MOM?

SO, yesterday I posted about feeling kinda crazy.....this post may just demonstrate HOW crazy I am.

Bonehead is about to enter his Junior year of high school, and is hoping to enlist in the Marine Corps after high school.  Do I think he can make a great Marine?  absolutely.  Do I want him to become a Marine?  HELL-TO-THE-NO!  But I can't hold him back, especially knowing that may be his best (if not only) path to a successful grown-up life.

So yesterday we talked to a USMC recruiter, just to get some facts straight about what will be required of Bonehead in his final two years of high school if he really and truly wants to become one of the few, the proud....

I guess my main reason for going along with this, when my heart breaks at the thought of sending my SON off to war, is that I am hoping that Bonehead will buckle down and get serious in school, and quit goofing off.  I also think that, by showing my son that I take his dreams seriously, I am helping him to take HIMSELF seriously.  Honestly, this boy jokes around about everything, and it's really just not funny any more.

I actually really liked the recruiter we spoke with, and loved everything he said to my son - I think it may have been just the pep talk he needed!  We'll see if it had any effect in the long run, who knows?  Hubby has had that same talk with Bonehead, oh, like 389,692 times, and it never quite sinks in.  God knows I have tried to get through to him, too - with no luck.  I have tried speaking his language (jokes, etc) and got nothing.  I have tried motivating him with rewards, even motivating him with fear, but still, NOTHING. 

I am now hoping that this recruiter somehow broke through some of the lazy immaturity in Bonehead's brain, to tap into the genius we all know is there.  Remember, this kid can speed-solve a Rubik's Cube in 22 seconds!  He can figure out some of the most complex things, just by watching a youTube video....and yet can't figure out how to DO his stinking homework....

I'm secretly hoping that Bonehead will figure out that he LIKES school when he is actually passing his classes, and will change his mind about the Corps in favor of going to college.  Long shot, I know, but a momma can HOPE, right?

Not that I wouldn't be incredibly proud to see any of my boys follow in Dad's footsteps, but I just don't know if I am THAT strong.  I don't even want to be as strong as I have to be now, to say goodbye to my husband for 7 or 8 months at a time!  And at least my husband is one of those guys who I KNOW is coming back - barring some major freak accident.  He is prepared for every possibility, and has a contigency plan for his contingency plans.  Annoying, actually, but during deployment also comforting, because I can trust him when he says, "I'll be home soon.".  I know he will.  But my boys? I am not so sure they can even handle Marine Corps life here in the states, let alone deployment - and COMBAT.  Yikes.

What did I just do???


Amber said...

Yikes!!!!! I can't imagine what your feeling. As we both know, the USMC has ALOT to offer, and will stear your son in the right direction. Is the war scary..YES...again, we both know this. It is a great stepping stone though.

This is also my fear when my 4 1/2yr old is in high school. He talks NONstop about wanting to be a Marine when he grows up. He wears cammies and salutes everyone. My hubs would love for him to be a 3rd generation Marine. But it is so scary.

What does your hubs say about it?

Lynita said...

That would be the hardest thing to do, but I understand why it would be good for him. I just hope that one way or another he buckles down and finishes school on a good note! If you do become a Marine Mom we will be here to support you and Bonehead!

The Wifey said...

I can't imagine! That would be scary for me. But you are such a strong woman. I have been reading your blog for a while now and I know you can do this.

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