Wednesday, September 28, 2011

music linkup week 32: "Push It"

Okay, some of you have probably laughed at a few of my song choices before this week, but now I am pretty sure ALL of you are gonna laugh at this week's song!  It's okay, I am laughing, too. 

Remember the last couple weeks I mentioned the weight loss competition I am in? Well this past week my mantra has been to just PUSH THROUGH THE PAIN.  *soooooo muuuuuuch paaaaiiiiiinnnnnnnn* but every moan, groan, and scream is totally worth it.

This week's song, "Push It" by Salt N Pepa, actually came out when I was like 12.  Yeah, I know, that was before many of you were even BORN.

Have you heard this one before? If not, I wanna know what you think of it! It doesn't meet my CURRENT standards as "music", but since it is closely tied to my youthful memories, I like it anyway.  Friday night when I go to my "Last Chance Workout" before my Saturday weigh-in, I know I will have to do some push-ups. And I will be singing this song in my head as I push through THAT pain.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

music linkup week 31: Everybody Hurts

I have REALLY neglected this blog lately, but for good reason: I am focused 24/7 on this weight loss competition, and so far I am doing GREAT!  I lost 6.8 pounds in week one, and now, halfway through week two, I am down 3 more pounds.  I have added a third workout every day, hoping this week's total will get me closer to the 4% or 5% needed to get me in the 'top 12' this Saturday. Working out like this after being SO overweight for SO long seriously hurts.  Like, worse than childbirth.  OK, maybe not THAT bad, but maybe like the recovery from childbirth?


So, my song for Goodnight Moon's linkup this week is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the PAIN I am in...."Everybody Hurts" by R.E.M.

Please tell me that you HAVE heard of R.E.M.??? ha ha ha They just announced that they are calling it quits, but according to their website, they are happy with the musical career they had as R.E.M. and they are thankful to their fans for listening. *sigh* end of yet another era, I suppose.  Anyone else feeling old now?

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you will understand that this song has also been my 'anthem' when I get depressed...."Just hold on...."

If you have not already linked up, go see Amber at Goodnight Moon and do it NOW! I wanna know what you're grooving to this week.....

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

music linkup week 30: Everything Counts

I've been putting my song title into the blog title for this linkup, so I can easily scan my previous posts to avoid duplication, and I can NOT believe I have not done this song 30 weeks! 

Most of you know I have just embarked on a pretty amazing weight loss journey - I am in a local competition called "Valley's Biggest Loser" that just started last weekend and runs for 12 weeks.  In the competition my goal is to lose 60 lbs, and then I need to lose the other 65 or so on my own, before my birthday next May. 

I'm doing a lot of power walking so little Bobblehead can come with me in the stroller, and then I do a second workout while he's napping.  Once a week I also get a group workout with 39 of my fellow VBL contestants, with personal trainers pushing us the whole way.  OK, not PERSONAL trainers, since 40 of us share 3 trainers, but they're trainers. 

ANYWAY, Tuesday night was our first weekly group workout and it HURT LIKE HELL.  (Still does!) Somehow I managed to peel my aching body out of bed at 5:30 the next morning for my hour long power walk, and was groaning and dragging until the iPod clicked on this song:

(pardon the guys talking in the first few seconds of this video, but this is the ACTUAL version that I have on my iPod - from the album "Depeche Mode: 101" which is all live recordings, and this one is the actual performance AT THE ROSE BOWL in 1988.  I would have gone, being a so-cal girl, but I was 14 at the time of that concert.)

If you have EVER read my blog before, you know I am a huge fan of Depeche Mode, so they dominate my iPod.  When this song came on, I almost clicked past it, thinking most of DM's stuff is not really workout music.  Then I started to listen to the words, in context of what I am doing now, and I literally stood there laughing on the sidewalk in the pre-dawn haze for almost a full minute.  It's a good thing there aren't many people out at that hour, because I had to have looked completely crazy.  Anyway, that laughter gave me the energy to somehow complete my walk....a mile or so shorter than I usually walk, but still at a brisk pace, still enough to work up a great sweat. Half the walk, I didn't even have the iPod turned on, since I was humming to myself, "everything counts in large amounts" and thinking about the ENORMITY (pun intended) of what I am doing right now.

I am still in a ton of pain, but still found enough humor in this song AND in the final song of my walk today, also from DM: A Pain That I'm Used To.   HA HA HA!

What song are you feeling right now?  Go link up with the lovely Amber over at Goodnight Moon so we can groove with you!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

music linkup week 29: FreeFallin

You know that scene in Jerry Maguire where he's feeling all victorious and wants to sing along with the radio, but the song SUCKS, so he changes the station, tries to sing along with another crappy song, then switches again until he finds one he can sing along with?

Well, today that was totally ME in the car, after some serious running around to gather up things for little Bobblehead's upcoming birthday party (yes, you read that right, my baby is turning ONE already!) I got SO MUCH done today, and felt like I could conquer the WORLD. I couldn't find anything to sing along to on the radio, so I switched it to CD and rocked out to a couple of my favorite songs....quietly, of course, because my baby/toddler was sleeping in his carseat at the time.

Here's the song that Jerry Maguire finally lands on in that scene, Free Fallin by Tom Petty

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