Sunday, April 17, 2011

Viral Video linkup, WEEK 3

I can't believe we've already reached WEEK THREE of this linkup! I am loving sharing videos, and so far the bloggers who have linked up have all shared AWESOME new (to me) videos!

This week I have been thinking back to when my hubby and I got engaged (I proposed to HIM, not the other way around).  Of course most of us don't have video of our marriage proposals, but this guy does, courtesy of CBS!

I am also completely ADDICTED to The Price Is Right.  Or was, at least, until I had this baby.  I've been in the audience 17 times, trying to get onstage.  When I took my mom and a bunch of her crazy friends for her birthday, she got called down!  Three other times that I have taken groups down (two groups of milspouses and one group of teachers) one of my girls got called down - and only one of them won their bid to get onstage.

There is no theme for this linkup, just whatever 'moves' you.  Something silly, something sad, something incredible/impossible, whatever.  THAT BEING SAID, IF YOU ARE AT A LOSS for an idea of what to share, answer one of these questions and find a video that goes with it:

1. What was your marriage proposal like?
2. What are you 'addicted' to?  Guilty pleasure?
To join in, just post a video on your blog, then come back here and link up! The linky tool stays open until 11:59 PM Monday night (Pacific time).

Thanks in advance for sharing - I can't wait to see what you all have this week.


Birdie said...

What a fabulous video! That's amazing!

A Sailor's Wife said...

aww I love that! made me tear up! lol

Gaile said...

thanks for linking up ladies! I accidentally unchecked a box on the inlinkz form, so your links didn't show here on the blog. I FIXED IT, so now we can all follow your links. :)

Brie said...

This is a seriously great meme idea! But omg. I'd be on Youtube for hours!!

Joan said...

I feel bad I missed the link up this week. My SO and been in and out so it's been hard to keep up on blogging this week. I love the Price is Right! Growing up, we lived with my grandmother, and without fail everyday she watched the Price is Right! Oh, and I need to get your guts..I need to propose to my SO..two babies, and almost 6 years later, I'm waiting on my spectacular proposal! lol

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