Saturday, April 9, 2011

sleep deprivation

Friday night was certainly not the WORST night I've ever had, but it pretty much SUCKED.

To start with, I was BEYOND tired when I put the baby to bed, and still had to go back downstairs to do dishes. I considered letting them sit overnight, but knew I had too much to do in the morning to add 'dishes' to my list. So I finished the dishes and dragged myself to bed around 10:30, stopping briefly to say goodnight to hubby. Hubby, at that moment, was in the middle of 'lecturing' Bonehead about his laziness, etc. etc. so I knew he would not be joining me in bed any time soon.

I tossed and turned for over an hour, then fell into a light sleep, & immediately had a CRAZY dream about being stalked, which woke me up of course. My dreams are freaking psychotic sometimes. Well, most of the time, actually. Okay, they're ALWAYS like that. Hence the insomnia.

So, I finally drift back to sleep after the crazy dream, and hubby bursts into the room announcing that I might have to take him to the hospital, since Bonehead just stabbed him in the hand with a pencil.


I was seriously confused and asked hubs if he was joking, which got me a rude snort and a bloody hand thrust into my face. Since I was temporarily blinded by the light he had just turned on, it took me a second to focus.

Yep, definitely a bloody hand.

I helped him clean the hand and applied pressure, though it wasn't really actively bleeding. While I played doctor, I tried to get the story out of hubs about what the HECK happened between him and 16 year-old Bonehead, but was stonewalled. I handed him the Neosporin and went to get the story out of Bonehead, but was stonewalled there, too.

This was about 12:30 AM, and I had been *TRYING* to sleep for about two hours, with maybe 15 or 20 minutes of success. So, yeah, I was freaking CRANKY!

I flopped back into bed, and was just falling asleep AGAIN, when hubby climbed into bed next to me. I can't even begin to describe the jealousy I felt when he started snoring literally within a minute of his head hitting his pillow.

So, yeah, I MIGHT have muttered an expletive moments later when Baby Bobblehead woke up hungry. And I may or may not have slammed the baby monitor so hard on my (NEW) nightstand that it left a mark in the wood.

Fast forward to 1:15 AM, baby back in bed, everyone else in the house snoring away, and me...tossing and turning again. I must have fallen asleep by 2:00 because I don't remember any clock-checks past about 1:45. A couple more crazy dreams later, and the @#$%^&%$#@! baby monitor was ordering me to get up AGAIN at 5:00 AM.

Fine, the 5 AM feeding is usually a fast one, at least. USUALLY. This time I sat with Bobblehead for almost an hour, and he was just NOT showing any signs of sleepiness! He nursed, was totally full, and just wanted to PLAY. Normally, I am all about playing with this cute little boy, but on 3-ish hours of sleep, not so much.

I finally brought him back into my bed, hoping to be able to nurse him back to sleep there. Since we have blackout curtains in our room, I was all set to 'sleep in' until my alarm was scheduled to go off at 8:30. Bobblehead slept, Hubby slept, and I DID NOT.

At 7:30 AM, on 3-ish hours of sleep, I finally got up with yet another expletive, and dragged myself into the shower, and started my day. Bobblehead sat in his bouncer-seat in front of the shower, and I am pretty sure he was mocking me.


Have you ever been so sleep deprived that you are just SILLY with it? (think "Momma Dog video" and you know what I mean) Well that was me today, only somehow I managed to be productive anyway. Hey, I even managed to BLOG today! Well, technically it's almost 11 PM, which means I should be sleeping, but hey - plenty of time for sleep when I'm dead, right?


Manda said...

I suffered from insomnia for years, until the doctors figured out my health issues (or thought they had.) I know how it feels to be dragging and be exhausted without being able to get any rest. :(

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