Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Squash it like a bug, or give it CPR?

My new viral video linkup is only in its fourth week and already seems to have fizzled out. When I decided to start the weekly linkup I pictured at least ten or 15 of you joining in on a regular basis, but have only gotten 3 or 4 participants so far.

This week, NO ONE linked up.

So I wanna know, why not???

Is it because you are already posting to other Memes/linkups on Sunday & Mondays? Or maybe just because we all got so busy with Easter? 

Please post a comment if you have an opinion on this, either way - I need to decide whether to kill it or maybe try to revive it.  I can change it to a different day, if that means more of you will join in.  I can leave the link open for 3 days instead of 2, if that makes a difference. 

Should it be monthly instead of weekly?  I figure there is enough viral video content out there for us to all post DAILY and still not necessarily repeat anything.  :)

Just not sure....

I was really enjoying it, especially since I made some new 'friends' through the linkup - and I thought you all would, too!

Speak up now, let me know which way YOU want me to go, because the linkup was supposed to be for YOU, my readers/followers/stalkers. 


(BTW my follower count has been bouncing around between 148 and 149 for a few weeks now...I would gain a follower, then lose one?? Last night it finally got up to 150!  YAY!)


Joan said...

I love the link up. I, myself have just been bad about blogging with the mister being in and out constantly. I've missed out on several of the link ups I normally do. Your link up puts a smile on my face, so thanks!

Birdie said...

I love this linkup, it's the only one I do :) I definitely got all out of whack with Easter!

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