Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Goodnight Moon's SONG LINKUP week 7

Wow, already week SEVEN of Amber's music linkup!  Head on over to her blog, Goodnight Moon to link up!  Even if you decide not to post a song this week, you can check out all the cool songs already linked there.

In the past few weeks, I have found three 'new' (to me, anyway) artists that I LOVE, and several new blogs to follow, all thanks to this cool Linkup. (THANKS AMBER, YOU ROCK!)

So, a couple weeks ago I posted Beyonce's "Ave Maria", which is an awesome song to sing along to.  This week I am posting another twist of this song, by Pink.  "Ave Mary A" is a little different. 

OK, its alot different

I love this song, and sometimes it helps to sing shout along with this one to get me through heavy traffic, or boost my mood, etc.  It's even on my workout playlist on my iPod, because it's got a great beat.

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I love the chorus, especially when she says "Help me let go of the chaos around me, the devil that hounds me, I need you to tell me CHILD BE STILL"

Oh, and of course I love Pink's voice.  I think she's f-ing perfect! HA HA HA  (love her new song by that name, but I want to buy the RADIO version so I can listen to sing along with it even if my kids are around.)

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Goodnight moon said...

Thanks so much for loving this link-up and doing it every week! You are such a rockstar! I've also found some great new blogs too, which is so awesome! One thing we all LOVE no matter who we are, is music!

I lovelovelove me some PINK! I got to see her in concert. She opened up for Justin Timberlake. I had always thought she was okay, but then when I saw her live on stage, she was so awesome! I think she even has a better live voice then a radio voice. She was da bomb! I love who she is too! Lovelovelove me some PINK...have I mentioned that yet?

Thanks for linking up again friend!

Joan said...

I like Pink too! I like that she's different. Thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

Love it! I actually have not heard this one... thanks!!!

Stopping by from the link up!

Nicole Marie said...

This is one Pink song that I can enjoy, finally. I am not gonna lie, I am usually not a fan, but this one is a good one. YAY! I like the melody in the beginning. Pretty sweet. Thank you for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

I have not heard this song yet. I flippin love it!!

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