Monday, December 6, 2010


I haven't really blogged in awhile - in fact my recent guest-blog post was written over a month ago and last week I managed to squeeze out a few minutes to schedule it as an actual post for the assigned day.  My Thanksgiving post was all written out in my head, but with no time to type it out for you all, that's where it's going to stay.

Honestly, right this minute, I am seriously thankful to even HAVE some time to blog!

I have managed to keep up pretty well with Facebook, since I can use my iPad to do that while nursing the baby (and I LOVE the "Friendly" app for iPad!)

I've even managed to start (and finish) several games on 'Words With Friends", the scrabble-esque game for iPad.  I'd love to play the actual Scrabble app, but it's $10, and WWF is free.  And yeah, I'm cheap like that.  But I still get to play against people all over the world, and am USUALLY pretty good at it.  Currently someone with the handle "LittleBigHead" is completely kicking my a$$....437 to 229, with only 1 letter remaining aside from the 7 we're each using for our next turn.  Pathetic?  yes.  Embarrasing?  sure.  Fun?  HELL YEAH!  :)  I'm not sure what it is about this game that so appeals to me, probably to play-when-you-have-a-minute format that lets me ignore it when LIFE gets in the way.

Speaking of LIFE....well, some updates are definitely in order here!

First of all, if you are a new follower, WELCOME!  You might want to check out this post to get to know my family a little bit.

Baby Bobblehead is doing fantastic!  Smiling, cooing, eating, pooping, all that good stuff. At 11 weeks old, he still does not sleep through the night, but we have our night-time routines down pretty well for now. He's happy and healthy, and still ridiculously adorable.  Here he is with his little cousin just the other day:

(Bobblehead is on the right)

Knucklehead has struggled in school throughout this deployment, but with Dad's return looming ever nearer, he is showing some improvement. I'm confident that he at least will not have to repeat the fifth grade! his current obsession with Beyblade (its a toy based on a cartoon) is pushing the Pokemon crap aside and I could not be more thrilled about that!  Well, I actually HATE Beyblade, but am so sick of Pokemon that I am embracing these little spinning tops with dumb names like "Storm Pegasus" and "Rock Leone". *sigh*

Bonehead is, well, still a Bonehead. I'm really worried about his pathological need to be right, as it really hinders his ability to function.  Have you ever seen a little kid, say, in a preschool classroom, walking along, and suddenly he trips over his own shoelace or something - and then turns viciously on the nearest (innocent) child, accusing him or her of PUSHING him down?  Most children do not do this - but the ones who do, do it ALL THE TIME.  That's my Bonehead.  He needs to blame someone, and pretty much always wants retribution for whatever perceived wrongs were done to him. When he was a preschooler, it was almost amusing; in gradeschool, it got annoying; and by middle school it was downright FRUSTRATING.  But now, in high school, when the world expects this 6-foot-tall 'young man' to be able to see reason, and to know that the kid sitting calmly ten feet away could not POSSIBLY have knocked his textbook down, well its actually terrifying. Something as simple as a book sliding off a sloped desk can set this boy off into a full-blown rage, and NO ONE is safe at that point, because Bonehead can't see that the book fell on its own, he can't see that no one has done anything to him, and whats worse, he can't see that it is wrong for him to take matters into his own hands to make his unfortunate classmate 'pay'.  Of course I am still praying that he gets into that military youth academy, but I'm beginning to think that if he goes, it will simply amount to a 5 month break for me, and a stronger, more frightening Bonehead returning home in June.

Yeah, I think I am finally turning into a cynic.

Oh and Airhead, whom I rarely even mention on here, is still not speaking to me - though she did take her brother Bonehead to Disneyland for his sixteenth birthday a couple weeks ago.  She hasn't even met Bobblehead yet, and that doesn't seem to bother her at all. *double sigh*

Now that the kid updates are out of the way, there's some SERIOUSLY exciting news: my Donut of Misery is more than 93% complete now, and Hubby (AKA 'Jarhead') is coming home VERY VERY SOON!

This means I now have a whole new list of things to do in the immediate future, like get the carpet cleaned, clean our closet up (AGAIN), move all the stuff from Hubby's side of the bed to, well, anywhere else - this one is a big deal, because I currently have my cell phone charger AND my iPad charger plugged in next to his side of the bed, and both devices 'live' on his pillow, where I can use them in the middle of the night if hubby calls me or emails me when I *should* be sleeping.  In addition, there is currently a mini diaper changing station set up on Hubby's side of the bed - so when Bobblehead wakes up for his 2AM feeding, I can change his diaper right there without ever getting out of bed, and then we both go back to sleep for a couple more hours.  Which brings me to another important 'to do' item, which I have already been working on for a couple weeks - Bobblehead needs to learn to sleep in his playpen (next to my bed) for most of the night, so there will actually be ROOM for Daddy when he comes home!

I'd love to tell you all more, but this list just keeps getting longer, and the time left 'til homecoming is getting shorter and shorter! Gotta get back to cleaning and straightening and more cleaning.

In case I don't manage to blog again for awhile, I just want to wish all my followers a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Make the best of whatever you've got, with whomever you're spending your holidays with, and then it's back to the grind, right?



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