Thursday, December 9, 2010

No more 'fun mommy'

If you've read even ONE post from this blog, you know I am no Supermom. I fail far more than I succeed, and am not ashamed to say so. I'm only human, after all.

But the mommy-fail issues I'm actually embarrassed about are the ones that inspire my kids to tell me I'm cool.

For instance, during deployment I become their hero when I let them eat cereal all the time, sometimes even for dinner. And, since hubby has something against the idea of 'breakfast for dinner', we embrace that concept when he's not home. I can honestly say, out of the 20 or so times in this deployment that I actually COOKED dinner, at least ten times involved the waffle iron. Cool, huh? (mommy-fail)

Sadly, there is NO way hubby will stand for the half-assed (nutritionally deficit) menu we've been living on, so tomorrow I'm heading to Costco to stock up on healthy, un-processed food. Stuff I will have to actually COOK. Like, with real pans and everything! And as I sit here, making my shopping list, I am wracking my brain, trying to remember what kinds of meals hubby LIKES. Right now I can only think of 5 or 6 different meals to make, and that's gonna get old FAST.

Hubby normally thinks I am a pretty good cook - is he going to recognize this cereal-serving woman when he gets back?  Or maybe...MAYBE I will somehow get over my cooking-amnesia in time to serve him something yummy that will make him that much happier to be home.


Renee said...

I worry about the same thing; although I will just have to cook for two. I've just learned to actually COOK for one instead of grabbing cereal or a box of Triscuits & a block of cheese for dinner. Thank goodness my honey is a firm believer in breakfast for dinner!

Just Another MilSpouse said...

Breakfast for dinner is VERY common at my house (during deployments only). When he's not home I totally slack off on "home cooked meals", my freezer gets a good work out with family sized lasagnas and chicken nuggets. I used to feel so guilty, but a friend of mine once told me that I have two choices. I can spend an hour or two preparing dinner every night, or I could heat up a frozen dinner and spend that time with the kids or catching up on chores. Which way am I going to feel less stressed? Obviously the frozen dinners are easier.

The kids are fed, and it's not like they're eating ice cream for dinner. So what if it's not home cooked, we can all use a little less stress during deployments.

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