Thursday, December 30, 2010

the picture post

Last week I promised you all pictures from Christmas - and since I am not in much of a writing mood, this seems the perfect time to do a PICTURE post.

First, my own Christmas present came early - the END of deployment!  YAY!

No more service star on my car!

When I had hubby take down the yellow ribbon, I noticed the tree had sort of grown into the ribbon.  It's a textured grosgrain ribbon, and the little stripes are now a permanent part of this little tree in our front yard! 

Well, I don't know about PERMANENT, but this made me look for marks from the ribbon from LAST deployment (which ended April 2008) and I found it!  Still there.  Kind of poetic, don't you think?  Even this little tree bears the 'scars' from deployment....and yet it continues to grow, and thrive, and change....

Speaking of trees, we had a little trouble finding a Christmas tree since we waited so long - we bought this lovely douglas fir one week before Christmas:

This is Bobblehead's first Christmas, of course.  We inherited a whole wardrobe from his cousin, but the "Baby's First Christmas" outfit is a little small - so he got to wear his big brother's Christmas outfit.  This was Knucklehead's, from ten years ago.  Knucklehead was a January baby, so he was almost a year old for his first Christmas - and his outfit is a little BIG on Bobblehead at the moment - but still cute, wouldn't you agree?  The little butt-flap on the back says "Baby's First Christmas"

Christmas morning was fun, but next year I am totally going back to my control-freak ways and getting everyone Christmas pajamas so the pictures will come out nice - this is ridiculous, especially little knucklehead with NO SHIRT ON.

Of course we saved the Kinect for last - can you tell Bonehead is excited with this gift?  One week later, and he's barely been out of the gameroom except for occasional meals.

After all the presents (and cinnamon rolls for breakfast - a family tradition) Bobblehead took a great nap on Daddy's chest.  Everyone all together now, 1, 2, 3, "AWWWWWW"!

We hung out for a little while at my brother's house Christmas Day, and got pictures with my parents and 6 of their 25 grandchildren. That's not a typo, Bobblehead is their twenty-fifth grandchild!  While we were there, my brother and his wife announced that they are expecting their second child - so grandbaby number 26 for my parents is on the way!

We went to my Sister-in-law's house for Christmas Dinner, and I basically forgot I had a camera with me - except when Hubby was reading Bobblehead a bedtime story in the guest room - too sweet!


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