Monday, December 13, 2010

The blasphemous post...

Since I already broke my rule about discussing religion on here, I'm writing today about the fact that sometimes I wonder if God HATES me. Or is at least laughing at me. Really hard.

Hubby has been gone for over 7 months, so naturally I am looking forward to a whole lotta BOOM CHICKA WOW WOW when he gets home. Now I can't say specifically on here WHEN he is coming home, but it will be SOON.


As in, he has already been 'safe' for a couple days now.  I don't even know how much OPSEC even matters at this point, that's how CLOSE he is to coming home.  But I will do my best to respect/follow OPSEC anyway, just to be sure.  So, for now, nothing more specific than "SOON".

Am I excited to give hubby a WARM WELCOME?  Yes Yes Yes Yes YESSSSSS! (just did my best impersonation of Meg Ryan in that scene from 'When Harry Met Sally')

Of course, Baby Bobblehead could throw a wrench in my sexy-time plans, since he's not even three months old yet - and he's breastfeeding. But I've been pretty optimistic about this homecoming, and with good reason...

8 days prior to hubby's scheduled homecoming, Bobblehead suddenly decided to start sleeping through the night! Well, not ALL night of course, but for six solid hours, then he wakes up for a quick snack and goes back to sleep for 2 or 3 more hours before needing to eat again.

Awesome, right?

6 days prior to homecoming, I finally found an outfit to wear to the base to pick up my hubby. This was really hard to do, and once accomplished literally called for a happy dance.


5 days prior to homecoming, I found something sexy to wear JUST for hubby when he gets home. It's not breastfeeding-friendly, but it doesn't need to be, since Bobblehead will already be asleep FOR THE NIGHT by the time I put my frilly pretties on. And hubby is definitely gonna like this outfit! I hope he doesn't like it TOO much, because in my mind I'm already picturing him ripping it right off of me. Maybe he will even be sooooo excited he will rip it to shreds? Just sayin'.

(this is not the actual outift,
but it's pretty
similar to this - sorry, I am NOT
going to take actual pictures
of ME in this getup and
post it here in blogland!  ha ha ha)

Woot woot!

X days prior to homecoming, I woke up to a very 'special' surprise...the kind that makes me want to ask God, "WTF?!"  Or at least, "God, why do you hate me?"

(Stole this graphic from
Amber at Goodnight Moon.
I'm not sure where she got it,
but it is forever burned
into my memory - and now
into YOURS!  HA HA HA!)

I haven't had a period in almost a year - my last period before Bobblehead was conceived showed up right before last Christmas.  Obviously I had all that lovely post-partum mess to deal with, but that's been done for, like, 7 or 8 weeks now.  With all my other babies, my dear 'Aunt Flo' didn't come to visit for AT LEAST six months after birth.  Did I mention I am breastfeeding?  Breastfeeding by itself normally holds ovulation & menstruation at bay for a long time, but I am also ON THE PILL. (hey, when I said I was Catholic, I didn't claim to be a good Catholic, OK?)

But even my birth control pill can't seem to stop this bloody mess.

It's gotta be just stress, which is just that much MORE unfair -because now I am stressing about how to STOP STRESSING so I can stop bleeding before my honey comes home.

WHY, God, why?


Stacy said...

Ohhhh Been there done that!! Right before my fiance deployed in the spring time, I went to visit him in Germany. I was lucky enough to experience all of the symptoms prior to me going there, but I never started. I thought I was in the clear...until about an hour after I landed and we were on the train back to the barracks and I went pee and bam. I was only there for 10 days, and ugh, it really ruins things!!!! I feel your pain!! By the way, I'm a newish follower :)

Holly said...

Oh no!! That is not fun! I hope its a short one!! *New follower! :)

Basinah said...

OMG! I am laughing with you, sista, not at you. I thought we were on the same schedule for homecoming ... and realize now we are on almost the exact same sched for that, it seems ... but I am terribly afraid we are on the same sched for other things as well! Ya gotta laugh, or else what would you do?

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