Friday, December 17, 2010

sushi boat

This is NOT a paid advertisement or anything, just me giving a shout-out to one of our favorite restaurants.

The night before hubby deployed, we enjoyed a meal at Sushi Boat. This is the same restaurant we were at three months prior, when I told hubby that we were pregnant with little Bobblehead. It is easily hubby's favorite restaurant, and its in my top 5, even though I do NOT eat Sushi. I don't even like cooked fish! Thankfully the chicken teryaki there is delicious.

We love the quality of the food, the reasonable prices, and the casual atmosphere, but the main thing that keeps us coming back every couple weeks is the fantastic customer service.

The owner always greets us personally, and the wait staff remembers us and our preferences (like the fact that I always want a fork because I am chopstick-challenged). I often drop hubby and the boys off in front of the restaurant so they can get a table while I park the car, and when I walk in, the staff all recognize me and point me to the table they've seated my family at.

How can you not love that?

Oh, and they have a 10% military discount, too!

So, it was fitting that Sushi Boat would be the first restaurant we visited as a family when hubby returned from deployment.  Last night was our first time back there since May 4th, and the owner still recognized us and greeted us warmly, commenting that it had been awhile since he saw us - and when he noticed Baby Bobblehead in his carrier, he got all excited and congratulated us.  Several times.

Our waiter repeated the whole process, excited to see us again and full of good wishes for the new baby.

Seriously, it was like COMING HOME.

We heart Sushi Boat!  (and I am pretty sure they heart us back)


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