Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry Christmas!

I'm enjoying some quality time with family but wanted to take a *BRIEF* moment to reach out to my BLOG FAMILY - you all know who you are - and wish you a Merry Christmas!

Hubby has never been supportive of this blog, but he does not realize how much it has helped me deal with this deployment (and now, reintegration).

This morning after we opened all of our presents, I thanked hubby for my new iPad dock/keyboard, and said "I can't wait to BLOG on it!" He rolled his eyes, but smiled because he knew he had made me happy. I was kind of teasing him, because I know he's not a fan of blogging in general, and specifically THIS blog, but I was also serious - I could not wait to sit down and type a blog with my new keyboard :)

This blog is my home-away-from-home....or really, my 'running away to join the circus' home. So happy its always here for me, as so many of you have been.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a part of my crazy life, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
(photos from today coming SOON)


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