Friday, December 31, 2010

another picture post

First rule of Fight Club.....

OK well not REALLY.  Knucklehead is a great runner, and was running sprints at school when he tripped on the blacktop and went down - FACE FIRST.  This was about a week before Dad came home.

My little moto-baby
(the bib is reversible, the other side
looks like a real blouse
with a nametape that says "RECRUIT")

For some reason, Bobblehead did not want his pacifier yesterday - but would NOT let go of my finger.

Lunch at Red Robin the other day - a moment of levity in an otherwise crappy day
(I will be posting later about DEERS soon as I can edit out some of the MANY bad words that automatically find their way into the story whenever I try to retell it)

Knucklehead LOVES being a big brother - especially now that Bobblehead smiles and 'plays' with him.

And yes, my hubby really does ALWAYS wear his sunglasses, even indoors. 
Sometimes at church I have to remind him to remove them.

I need to blow this up and frame it - these smiles will get me through the CRAPPY days yet to come.


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