Monday, May 3, 2010


OK so 'Bonehead' is what I am calling my 15 year old son.....if you missed my previous posts about him, you can click here and then here

So, first of all, Bonehead is NOT expelled from school. *PHEW*

The assistant principal was so impressed with Bonehead's behavior once the knife was discovered, he decided to give him a second chance.  And of course, the knife only came out of the pocket so dear sweet Bonehead could use the attached SCREWDRIVER to repair the bracket on the classroom flag, which another student had broken.....

Which leads me to TODAY's chuckle (not really laughing at my son, just laughing at how his mind works)

We just installed a flag by our front door.  Bonehead was thrilled to help with the installation, and even more thrilled when I told him it is his responsibility to 'post the colors' every morning.  See, this kid is OBSESSED with all things military right now.  He is very invloved with the high school JROTC program.  As in, he is getting an "A" in that class, while failing almost everything else.

So, this morning, instead of the usual routine of dragging Bonehead out of his bed, yelling at him a few times, reminding him to feed the dog, etc, I awoke t discover that the kid was already in the shower!  I had barely slept, so I took a gamble and went back to bed.  When I got up an hour later, I confirmed that he had indeed gotten out the door in time - on his own! - and fed the dog, and made his bed, and yes, even placed the new flag in its holder.

This was such a shocker to me, I had to ask him about it when he got home (after heaping TONS of praise on him, of course...gotta get that positive reinforcement in!).  He said the reason it was so 'easy' for him to get up and get moving this morning, was because he was EXCITED to post the flag!


I have to find a way to exploit reinforce this.


The Blogess said...

What a great way for him to start the day. I hope he keeps up the streak. Finding a reason for him to want to get out of bed is awesome.

L.C. said...

great idea!

trooppetrie said...

i am sorry but it cracks me up that you call your son bonehead. i so want to call my 13 year old this

Gaile said...

:) There were a few other names that came to mind before I came up with Bonehead, but I was trying to keeo it G-rated!
I love all my kids, and if I had a 'favorite' it would probably be Bonehead.....but lately he is just such a, well, BONEHEAD!

The LT's Wifey said...

i have a bonehead at home too. good kid, sweet boy-but i will be darned if i can't figure why he is just such a punk only at school. i often wonder i am going to survive my husband deploying with his bonehead starting junior high next year. so glad i found your blog-i will be needing survival tips.

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