Thursday, May 6, 2010

half n half

I like irony, and I love coincidence, serendipity, etc etc etc.

So it was funny to me that on the morning that half of my heart left for deployment, there was a perfect HALF MOON in the sky.  I tried to take a picture of it in the dark, and my camera wouldn't focus on it - so this is what I got:

Later in the morning, I noticed it was still clearly visible, but again my camera really couldn't focus on it:

I am probably asking WAY too much of my little sony point-and-shoot, right?


Anyway, since yesterday morning, I am noticing that I am kind of HALFway living.  Half-assing stuff that I normally pay attention to for hubby's sake; half-awake at my new part-time job; half laughing at jokes, because I am really not in a laughing mood; and half excited to find out WHO I will be during this deployment!

That last one surprises me, but it shouldn't.  I know from experience that I use these times of separation to 'get to know myself' again....and usually I have gone through a great deal of change in between times, so its like meeting someone completely new.

It's like schizophrenia, only in a GOOD way.


So now I am half-smiling at the possibilities I see in my half-full glass.


Amy said...

I like the way you view things!

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