Monday, May 17, 2010

milestone and question

Sometime in the past day or two, my blog reached 50 followers!  :)

WELCOME everyone, and please feel free to leave your blog url in the comments below so I can follow you back!

So, I have a quick question for milspouses - what is your hubby's favorite thing to receive in a care package?  I finally have an address to ship wonderful things to my hubby, and have no clue what to send.  I know he usually asks me for the medicated Gold Bond lotion, so I already got him some of that.  And baby wipes are pretty standard, right?  I just don't even know, since he has never been to this location before......

I'm hoping I can send him some baked goodies this time - first two deployments, every package took 3-4 weeks to get to him, so cookies, brownies, even cake-in-a-jar was really out of the question.  This time, I am hearing some packages are taking only a week.  That will be SO AWESOME if its true!

Anyway, please post here with your best care package ideas.  THANKS!


Soldier's Wife said...

My husband has been gone for a while and by far his favorite thing that I send in EVERY package is dried fruit and trail mix. Sound simple but he loves taking it out with him and it takes forever for it to go bad!

Also I send him wisps.. Those waterless toothbrush things. He says when they go out for 12 plus hours the sand and nastiness of it all gets in his mouth. Its nice to be able to freshen his breath even if he can't shower.

Hope I helped!

The Wifey said...

My hubby loves magazines, those puzzle type books and the games from the dollar section like wacky toys, puzzles, and things he can share with the guys. I sent them in each package and they were always a hit.


mine loves socks!
I am so excited you get to send packages. Packages help me so much while he is gone...keeps me feeling like I'm still taking care of him.
I found your blog on the milspouse blog hop :)

Renee said...

The Wisps are a great idea - I'm stealing that one for my husband's next package! Rich loves DOTs (little jelled candies)~ I sent him some of those, trail mix, motorcycle magazines and the new AC/DC CD... among other cool things. AND it only took 6 days!

L.C. said...

I sent cards, loud ones you know the ones with music and sayings like Hoops and Yo Yo so he gets a laugh when he opens them at roll call. I also send famous amos cookies since they are in a package. I send socks, underwear (he forgot them last year), little puzzles, and always this stuffed bear he got me for our first valentines day (he was away) sprayed with my perfume. He said he loves how he can smell me through the package before he opens it and any guy can kiss it for making fun of him having a teddy bear :)

Skinnie Piggie said...

I try to send gum, hand sanitizer, those stridex face wipes, silly little toys you can get at the $1 store (like the finger bowling or basketball shooting game), granola bars, throat lozenges (sore throats-no fun!) and if there is a holiday coming I raid the $1 for decorations. I sent my cousin Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Cino de Mayo & 4th of July decorations... and he said the guys LOVED being able to decorate!

When I send homemade cookies, I always mail them in tupperware with 1-2 slices of bread included inside to keep the cookies fresh! It has worked so far and one package didn't make it for 3wks.

Miss Em said...

When I am ready to get a box together to ship-out I go over to and click on Items to ship and check the list to see if anything has been removed or added.

It is a long list of great things.

I have also sent magazines ...
Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Men's
& quite a few puzzle types as well as a few paperback books. Lots of hygene items, extra tooth brushes for cleaning guns, toys, water balloons & squirt guns, decorations for holidays, pencils, pens, paper/tablets & envelopes, holiday, birthday, anniversary cards and the list goes on and on which always ends with a must includsion of coffee, sugar & creamer.

Whatever you send know that it is always appreciated.

Miss Em

PS I even sent pan-cake mix[add water type] a couple of micro-wave bottle of syrup, a jar of peanut butter and a light weight griddle pan. Got pictures back showing the group muchin out on a pan-cake feast.

~Gretchen~ said...

I used to send Jason homemade stuff in almost every package. I packed them really well and he said that they were always good even if the package took 2 weeks. I usually put them in saran wrap, then foil, then a tupperware, then put the whole tupperware in a ziploc bag. He always loved pistachios too (or whatever nuts your hubs may like). I sent the same Gold Bond foot powder :) and Ramen noodles.

Lucky Dimes and Dog Tags said...

New to your blog but I love it!

One thing that I sent in a care package was a clean t-shirt. I washed it with Tide and added extra Snuggle so it smelled like hoome. He told me later that he would never be able to explain how good that shirt smelled. He kept it in a ziplock bag and smelled it every day. I just figured after all that time, he really would want to smell HOME.

Amy said...

We haven't sent our first package yet but I know I'll be sending plenty of books, fitness type magazines, girl scout cookies, fabric softner (he loves the stuff we have at home because it makes his uniforms smell good all week) and new movies on a flash drive for him to upload to his external hard drive.

HunDuddle Hussy said...

welllll, my hubby hasn't deployed yet but on his training stuff he loves when i send him candy. ALTHO, i hear they have TONS of that there and are more in need of normal things like laundry detergent and soap.

but love letters would be my choice :) nothing is more classic than a simple love letter. something they can always read again, over and over. something they can keep in their pocket or in their cover. something that they can bring home and save for our children to read themselves.


Tiffanie said...

My hubby is getting ready for his 3rd me & the Post Office know each other really well! ;o))) I don't know if you know you can call USPS at 1-800-610-8734 & ask for the free military kit of shipping supplies...they send you boxes, labels, tape...etc...FREE! And when you run out you just call back, give them your ID that they give you the first time & ask for more. They send it right to your's soo much more convenient to have everything packed & in boxes before you go to the post office! I don't know if your hubby has a microwave or not but my husband loved the Uncle Ben's rices, Warm Delights, Cup O Noodles, Tapito hot sauce, popcorn...etc. He loved home made cookies & putting the bread in with them really does help a TON! Keeps them soft! :o))) Apparently the soda there is different than in the states too...his first deployment I sent 24 lbs of Mt. Dew! LMBO! No joke!

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