Friday, April 23, 2010

Bonehead update

OK so I promised to post these pictures, but our usual sunny California weather disappeared for a few days, preventing me from TAKING these pictures.  (not that I am afraid to get wet or anything, but outdoor photos don't really work well in the rain)

So, we have these lovely shrubs outside the front our house:

Once a year, we have to stain our wood fence, so the shrubs in front of that fence needed trimming last week.  My 15 year old son (AKA "Bonehead") was tasked with this, and I am pretty sure that he was trying to guarantee that he would never again be asked to do yardwork, based on this result:

Yes, there were 4 foot tall shrubs there - we are praying that they grow back!  At least it was really easy to get to the fence for the whole staining project.

I think Bonehead uses this "I can't do this job and I will prove it" strategy a should see how horrible my car looked the last time I had him wash it!  Now my husband wants Bonehead to take over doing the dishes, and in my head I'm going, "no no no no!!!"  But for now, am coaching Bonehead carefully and waiting to see if he really CAN do this.

I want him to do his own laundry, but I don't trust him not to break my expensive front-loading washing machine.  Honestly, I don't trust this kid to do much of ANYTHING except screw that horrible?  Just enjoying my blogosphere honesty.

Monday there is a meeting to determine whether or not Bonehead will be expelled from school (see my previous post for more on this nightmare)

I don't have a CLUE how I survived my teenage years, and can't imagine how I will ensure Bonehead's survival (or his younger brother "Knucklehead", who is still just a Tween, or even his much younger brother, still in utero).


Soldier's Wife said...

That is so funny. My brother is 27 and he still messes up the shrubs! HA HA Its a guy thing.

Soldier's Wife said...

Oh but they will grow back, no worries

Gaile said...

They better grow back - I don't want the hassle or expense of planting new ones! Although, I would rather have rose bushes there instead, so if these don't grow back I will finally have an excuse to do that :)

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