Friday, May 21, 2010


"Worry is interest paid on trouble before its due"

I know that worrying doesn't help anything (especially in my pregnant state...) but I can't seem to STOP stressing about my hubby, about the lack of contact...

He has tried to call me twice this week...the last time he tried was a little over 48 hours ago, and this is also the last time he checked email.  This would not normally be a huge deal, except that he is traveling right now - a time when he should be able to contact me daily, in some form.  Unfortunately, his most recent 'stop' was in a place that is currently, well unstable.  And last I knew, he was STUCK there, unsure of how long that would last. am I supposed to go to sleep tonight, not knowing what is going on with him?  There are so many 'time sensitive' issues that hubby was going to help me with this week, over the phone or online.....I've already sought other help or decided to just wing it with as many things as I can, but those little deadlines, coupled with missing him and worrying about him, are creating major anxiety here.

I'm sure I will go back and read this in a day or two (or whenever I finally hear from him) and I will feel like an idiot for being so worried - and even knowing this, I am choosing to be stupid and worried.

REALLY worried.


Lucky Dimes and Dog Tags said...

As a mil wife, it is your job to worry every bit as much as it is his job to salute. It's part of the job description.

Hang in there.

Amy said...

I'm so sorry that you are worrying. I know the feeling as well. I just try to keep busy with the kids and try not to allow myself much downtime. It's normally the worst for me after the kids go to bed.

Hang in there. I'm sure you'll talk to him soon!

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