Friday, May 7, 2010

feeling refreshed

Yesterday was a pretty good day, got to see my bloggy friend Laura again and got to finally watch The Blind Side.  (I LOVE REDBOX DVD RENTAL, by the way!)

But by bedtime last night, I sat posting on my blogs and felt, well, weary.  Tired, but not in a sleep-deprived sort of way.  I felt a little bit like this plant:

I went to bed with my iPad so I could catch up reading some of the blogs I follow, since I have only had time for selective reading in the past week or so.  Fell asleep with the iPad in my hands, and woke up about half an hour later to the sound of my cell phone ringing.  I grabbed it, and for a second felt disappointed not to see hubby's name and picture come up on the caller I.D. - it said "withheld".  It took at least half a second for me to jerk awake, realizing that this HAD to be my honey calling me!  I picked up, heard his voice, and with that alone, I felt a little bit more like this:

(same plant, after I finally watered it!  poor plant. I can't believe I have kept this one alive for more than two years)

Even though the phone call included some upsetting news, I slept so great last night after talking to my husband!  I seriously only remember even waking up to pee once all night, and I had some awesome dreams.  Thanks babe, I love you!

So, the bad news.......I have to be kind of vague, for OPSEC, but basically hubby has made it to a stopping point on his way to his actual destination.  When he left, we both knew that he could be at this stop for anywhere from a couple days, to a couple weeks.  Last night he told me it will be 'a matter of WEEKS' before he leaves where he is now.  The only reason that this is BAD news, is that his deployment clock won't really start ticking until he gets to the actual destination. 

So the delay in initial arrival means it will be that much longer before he can come home.  :(

I was telling myself before he left that he would be home "somewhere between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve" but now its more like "somewhere between New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day".  Oh well.  As long as he comes home to me, I will wait as long as I have to, because I freaking LOVE this man!

Anyway, this was the first good sleep I have had in a couple of MONTHS, so I am truly grateful for every minute of it.  Even the crazy dreams (they can't all be good ones, right?)

AND tomorrow night I get to enjoy a girls night out to celebrate my birthday! YAY! 

Then I will feel refreshed AND a lot less lonely.


Renee said...

I hope you have a great Happy Birthday!!

Amy said...

I'm so glad you got to talk to him but sorry to hear about the bad news.

And Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good time and feel better when in a few days.

This is the story of.... said...

Wishing I lived close enough to join you on your girls night out. Since marrying hubby I have absolutely no "physical" friends, only my wonderful online buddies :)

Skinnie Piggie said...

I'm so glad he got to call you, sorry about the extension =/ HAVE A BLAST WITH THE LADIES!!

BryceandWhit said...

Isnt it amazing how hearing our hubbys voices change the whole day??? Go check out my blog I gave you an AWARD!!!

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