Sunday, May 2, 2010

'happy' birthday (those are sarcastic quotes)

Today was my birthday.  I spent it trying not to fight with my manic hubby as he packed his things for deployment, and trying even harder not to CRY.  Lost that battle a few times......

My little silver lining for this CRAPPY birthday though:

Hubby bought me my FIRST CHOICE for a birthday gift.

YUP,  I got an iPad.  And yes, I totally love it!  I can even BLOG on it!  But not tonight...I only have 5 minutes to post something here, and it will take me longer than that to figure out how to attach pictures using my super cool new toy.

For most people, I would advise springing for the 3G model, since the data plan on it will only cost $15 to $30 per month (depending on how UNLIMITED you want your internet access to be) but for me, the wi-fi model is PERFECT because I will basically just be using it at home.  In every single room of the house.  Yes, even the bathroom! LOL

Now I have to go get ready for bed, and try to find a way to 'enjoy' one of my last nights with my honey before he actually leaves.

(just a heads up, my next couple of blog posts will be pure VENTING......lots to get off my chest!)


Photina said...

I'm sorry. That's not a way to spend a birthday. But what a cool present. I hope tomorrow is better.

Life of an Army Wife said...

oh, that stinks, hubby leaving day after your birthday. my husband deployed on his birthday this year. I know how hard it is days before. Feel free to vent as much as possible, we are here to listen, and help you if needed.


L.C. said...

Venting is perfectly acceptable. My husband missed both our birthdays and our first valentines day in our first year of dating/engaged. I was so bummed especially since it was my 21st, but he made up for it for my 22! So while it sucks now, because we all know it does, there is always next year :D

Renee said...

Happy Birthday!!! Awesomeness gift BTW!!! I got a Kindle from my honey!! Enjoy your time with your husband and know you can vent to us here in blogsphere!

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