Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vote for me!

OK I don't usually enter contests on here, but this one turned out to be very theraputic - made me really think.  So now I want to WIN! :)

Head over to Married to a Sailor to see the other contest entries, and then VOTE for mine! :)

By the way, I am in a GREAT mood today, because I have officially survived a whole week of deployment.  I have many many many more weeks to go, and hope that at least some of them are easier than this past week was - but today I feel like I can totally DO this.

OK so go vote now!



Renee said...

Done :o)

Jen said...

Found your blog through the contest, so I'm a new follower :)

Just wanted to say I'm glad you feel good today :) One week and counting! :) Keep up the good attitude!

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