Saturday, May 22, 2010

Welcome to CrazyTown

I have completely lost my freaking MIND!

Expect a full denial later on, but for now there is simply no hiding the fact that I have gone stark raving mad.

It started with Little things, like insomnia and short term memory morning I spent fifteen minutes looking for my car keys. I finally decided to check inside my car, but found it I pressed the 'unlock' button on my car key, WHICH I HAD BEEN HOLDING IN MY HAND FOR THE ENTIRE SEARCH.

Then I started talking to myself....again, small at first, and escalating to telling myself jokes - complete with laughing at the punchline! They say that timing is everything.....turns out it doesn't matter when you are your own audience.

And finally, today I found myself laughing hysterically - WHILE CRYING. And the laughter was the scary crazy kind....the kind you hear from the serial killer in those movies I won't watch (I'm a fraidy-cat)

I can't say for sure that deployment specifically caused this descent into madness, but I also can't deny the 'coincidental' timing here.

Oh, and I still haven't heard from hubby, it's been nearly 72 idea if he is still traveling, or even if he is ALIVE.

Well of course I know he has to be alive, I mean no one has come to my door yet. But he has not been able to even CHECK his email in more than three days. No phone call, no nothing.

I'm sure it has to be driving him nuts, even more than me, because he is so worried about things here at home. As he should be, when he left his CRAZY wife in charge, right?

This completes today's tour of CrazyTown, we hope you enjoyed your stay - and please, come back again soon!


Q, La, and Gooner said...

It is very easy to go stark raving mad when you are pregnant. And MORE SO with Husby far away and in danger. AND SO MUCH MORE SO since it's been too long! Eat some Wendy's! ;)

Tiffanie said...

LOL...I was crazy too when I was pregnant & LoverBoy was deployed! Completely NORMAL! ;o))) I hope he gets to call soon!!!

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