Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lead, Follow, or get out of the way

OK so today I had to do something I have been putting off....I had to 'un-follow' several blogs, because I simply can't keep up any more!

I am now strictly following mil-spouse blogs (and a couple of my family members).

No more following mommy blogs, unless they happen to also be milspouses.

No more recipe blogs, giveaway blogs, review blogs, etc.

I have found that my 'favorite' bloggers to follow (like Amber at Goodnight Moon, Nicole at Mrs. Muffins, Laura at Diamonds and Dog Tags, and Nicole at Flip Flops and Combat Boots) are all milspouses, at various stages of marriage and military life, and they always 'say' things that I enjoy reading.  I feel like the rest of the blogs (non milspouse) kind of get in my way when I am going through my reading list (which I usually do at least once every day, but lately it's been too time-consuming because I was following too many blogs).

So, has anyone else had to remove blogs from their list like this?  If so, I am curious to know what criteria you use to decide which blogs to keep and which to 'un-follow'?  I mean, I don't really want to LOSE any followers, but I'm not going to change who I am or how I blog just to keep a follower...I wonder if all 51 of my current followers will even READ this post? 

Even if you don't have an answer about what makes you un-follow a blog, please post a little something in the comments here so I at least know someone is READING my crazy ramblings.

And if you are still following me later this week, I think I am finally ready to write about some of those rants I have been promising to post for a few weeks now.

For the record, I prefer to LEAD, but am willing to follow....and if you ask nicely, sometimes I will even get out of the way.



I don't actually follow many blogs or even understand how that works...I use google reader and OFTEN unsubscribe to blogs I read on there. I agree it just gets to be too much. I love the blogs you mentioned, I need to check out the muffin one.

Anonymous said...

I had to do a blog clean up too, I found that some that I started to read in Google reader, I rarely read lately. Spring cleaning is a good thing. Besides, I know I don't blog regularly, as a fellow milspouse I probably have a few too many balls in the air, and my blogs suffer for it.

Renee said...

I read every post you put out here!!! I've not un-followed anyone...all of my followers are mil-spouses!

Keep posting..

Lindsey said...

I have only followed milspouse blogs, but unlike you I have recently actually ADDED a few. I started out only following milspouses with deployed spouses, but I've started adding non-deployed milspouses lately on reccommendations from other blogs that I already follow.

As for reading, I read everyone I follow, but I do tend to skip over a particular post if it's a giveaway or something.

Although, I will be honest, I am secretly hoping someone sends me an award, not that it means anything in the real world, I guess it just means someone is reading your blog and likes it. So, I almost always read the award blogs (searching for my name) hahaha.

Skinnie Piggie said...

I follow a lot, but they are in different categories on my page. I always try to read the milspouse ones. The design/baking ones only if they really catch my eye.

Soldier's Wife said...

Thats funny that I follow you and totally thought you followed me too.. Wrong. I read your posts though. Milispouses gotta stick together, following or not.

Amy said...

I follow and attempt to read everything from those that I follow. The key word is attempt and sometimes life just gets crazy and next thing I know I have 200+ unread and then I mark them all as read (I both follow and use google reader) and start over fresh.

Q, La, and Gooner said...

Hmmmmmmmm. I have an opinion, but I don't think you care to hear it. I "unfollowed."

Anonymous said...

When I was new to blogging, I went through and followed a whole bunch of blogs just because one or two posts were interesting. But as time has went on, I've unfollowed the blogs that I realize I just don't read anymore. Even on my own blog, whats the point of having a follower if they arent actually reading your blog!?

The Wifey said...

I also use google reader. I found it was easier to put my subscriptions in folders. That way it's easier to know who is posting. Depending on the amount of posts I will read a folder or all of them. I separate them into friends, milspouses, LDS and other. But I do spring clean my blog list when I realize I always skip over the same blog posts. Usually they fall under the other group.

Ashleigh said...

I like google reader because I can just scroll down the whole list. It makes it easier to for the followers thing - why would you want people following your blog if they're really not reading it anyways, ya know? But just so you know, I read yours regularly :)

Mrs. B said...

I, like you, prefer to read mil-spouse blogs. I read yours every time you post as well as your favorites you listed.

Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

I know how you feel. Right now, my google reader is practically exploding with almost 600 blogs I'm following. I just don't have the heart to un-follow anyone, especially if they only have a handful of followers. So what I did was make folders in my reader. The ones I know I won't read are all in 1 folder, and I simply click on Mark As Read. That way, I don't have to un-follow anyone, but I also don't have to scroll through hundreds of unread posts.

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