Sunday, February 27, 2011

coach (not the purses)

It occurs to me that my blog followers must think I am some kind of angry bitch these days, because lately every blog post is just me griping and complaining. I think this is because I use this blog as an outlet when life just sucks.

I have no desire to censor myself here, so you will always get my honest feelings. BUT, I am going to make an effort to blog when I'm in a GOOD mood, too.  I mean, good things happen in my life, too. (just not as much good these days as I'd like, of course.)

So, one cool thing going on right now is Knucklehead's basketball season.  He's in fifth grade this year, playing in a league with fifth and sixth graders....but the week he would have started practice, the parent who had signed up to coach the team had to step down due to work commitments.  Knucklehead's team was coach-less.  My first instinct was to step up and volunteer to coach this team, but there is one small thing taking up all my time these days: Bobblehead.  He's five months old and just beginning to get mobile, so there is just NO WAY that I can coach this basketball team

(or so I thought)

My awesome friend Regina, another Marine Wife, stepped up and offered to coach if someone would help her - so, yeah, my hand shot up!  We're co-coaching the Division III Thunder, and so far LOVING it!  Last night we played our first game, and WE WON!!!!! Awesome game, too: 35-33 final score after DOUBLE OVERTIME.  The coach for the other team is a seasoned coach, we've faced him in four previous seasons (back when I was 'just a mom' and not a coach ha ha ha) and he actually COMPLIMENTED Regina and me last night on our coaching!

Now, to clarify one thing: I have NO IDEA what I am doing with the whole coaching thing, and honestly Regina is winging it, too.  But at least she played ball all the way through high school and a year in college.  I have not actually played since JUNIOR HIGH. More than 20 years ago.  Yes, I am old.

My dad has coached high school basketball off and on for the past 30 years, and he sat in on a practice the other night, as well as last night's game, to give me some pointers.  Gotta say, Dad really knows his stuff! I am super excited for the next practice, but even MORE excited for the next game.

I can't believe I am a COACH!!!!!



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