Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Song linkup week 2 - "STAND"

Amber over at Goodnight Moon is hosting this song linkup EVERY THURSDAY - how awesome is that? I love the fact that last week's linkup had more than 40 participants, with only two songs duplicated!  Go check out Amber's blog and link up with us!

This week's song is by Mike Corrado, who I have blogged about before.  I LOVE this artist, and not just because he is a Marine.  His video for "On My Watch Tonight" includes photos of my hubby (the link to that song and video can be found in this post).  His song "Start Saving Me" resonated so deeply with me during our second deployment that it topped my playlist for months. (link to that song is HERE)

But this song, STAND, is one of Corrado's newest...and it moves me to tears right now.  It reminds me of the pure heart that still beats somewhere within the amazing man that I married - regardless of the emotional/psychological wounds he's suffering from these days. It reminds me of his commitment to the Corps, to the country he loves and would still die for.

I couldn't find the song on, so I am using Youtube this week:

(next week I will be back with more awesome Depeche Mode, because I have really been feeling their album "Sounds of the Universe" for a few weeks now)


Goodnight moon said...

Okay, how have I NEVER heard of Mike Corrado before! And he's a Marine! Love it! I'm loving the video too. Seriously, what a great song, and I loved everything about his video. It was so moving and powerful! Great great pick!!!!!

Thanks for linking up! And, you really took note that only 2 songs were repeat songs last week! Your good;)

Jen said...

wow!!! such a powerful and wonderful song :) it totally made me cry :'(

Anonymous said...

What an amazing voice. Haunting to hear the Naval Weapons Station practicing explosives in the background as this plays! Thanks for introducing this song of his!

Marine Wife Unplugged said...

Girlfriend..... this is GOOD stuff. I've never been to your blog before, but I'm about to become a follower. Great song, and thank you. : )

Our Crazy Bunch said...

What an awesome song. Thanks for introducing me to his music!

Jenn said...

wow...moving song! Thanks for sharing! :)

Mrs. Mootz said...

This song gave me chills! Thank you for sharing!

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