Monday, February 14, 2011


My husband asks some really DUMB questions sometimes, but this one takes the cake.

I have been SO overwhelmed by stress lately, and finally got to sit down with him yesterday and tell him how I felt, and I proposed a solution: I want to QUIT my ridiculously part-time job.  It has never been worth the money, especially now that I have to pay for babysitting.  I literally make less than $100/month after I pay the babysitter (and she is working for next-to-nothing!)  But the money isn't the reason I want to quit - it's the stress.  Every freaking morning I have to wake up early so I can pump breastmilk for the baby, and nurse him, and get us all out the door on time for my AM crossing guard shift.  It takes me TWO hours to get ready for a ONE hour shift, and the whole time I am there I am stressing about getting back to the baby (*working mommies, how do you DO it?*) 

Now, my breastpump is the manual kind, for 'occasional' use, and I find I have to pump with every feeding to keep my supply up so I have some to send in a bottle to the babysitter each day.  Sometimes the baby needs the bottle, sometimes he doesn't.  But I am having trouble keeping my supply up for this, and am SICK AND TIRED of the hand cramps and callouses that come from using this manual pump 5 or 6 times a day, only to discover that I can't even get an OUNCE of milk at a time sometimes.  Beyond frustrating.  So, yesterday when hubby heard ignored my pleas, I told him that if I am going to
keep working then I need an electric breast pump - minimum $130.  He didn't say yes or no to that one, but definitely shot down my idea of quitting.


So, this morning after my shift, I came home and made hubby breakfast in bed (yes, his lazy ass was STILL in bed at 10 AM by the time I finished cooking this awesome meal for him!) Baby Bobblehead was getting fussy, so I took hubby his food then sat down to nurse the baby.  Hubby came downstairs to witness the I-don't-want-to-take-a-nap tantrum that Bobblehead throws a couple times a day, and then asked me why the baby is so cranky lately.  I told him I think the baby senses my stress, and hubby asked me the DUMBEST question ever:

"What could you possibly have to be stressed about?"

REALLY???? Seriously????

He is lucky he had already eaten his heart-shaped breakfast, because otherwise I might have dumped the damned plate in his lap.

Happy f-ing Valentine's Day, you insensitive jerk!


No Model Lady said...

MEN!!! Seriously. I went through the same thing working a worthless part time job (which I quit) and when I complained Spouse would point out that I "only worked part-time" or I "only filed". Never mind the fact that I also had to worry about all the normal household/child rearing stuff that takes up all my time without a job!! It took all my self control not to rip his face off.

Stacey said...

Wow. What a shame. Those heart-shaped pancakes are adorable!

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