Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm not allowed...

I found some cute bumper stickers online last week, and hubby will not sign off on ANY of them (even if I do them as a magnet).  Sometimes he's just plain MEAN.  Just kidding.  I know he really does have his own weird reasons for not wanting me to 'advertise' my status as a Marine Wife....even if I don't agree with his reasons.

Anyway, thanks to cafe press (I think that's where I found these?) here are some bumper stickers that I would LIKE to put on my car:

None of these come close to my favorite - saw one about a year ago on a car near my house, it said ....
I've got a Marine, and I'm not afraid to use him!


Laura said...

What about "I mess with government property" haha.

My husband didn't want me to put a service flag in our window, but I couldn't resist. I figure, if anyone decides to break in they're coming up against a piercing alarm followed by a tactical shotgun loaded with buck-shot, a handgun loaded with hollow points, a tazer gun, and a face full of pepper spray.

And if that doesn't scare them off, the missionaries who live downstairs will certainly have called the cops by then and my cat will have probably shredded their face.

And I've noticed actually that our service flag seems to keep the solicitors away. No one wants to knock on the door of a Marine's apartment and try and sell over-priced vacuums.

A Marine's Wife! said...

I can understand why you shouldn't have the 'half my heart is in...' bumper stickers, it's almost like advertising that you are home alone. But I think the other ones are fine, you are a proud wife and want to show it off!

Expat Girl said...

Haha I look at them all the time but now I am getting a new car, my husband will only let me get one magnet and no stickers....spoilsport!

This is the story of.... said...

Those stickers are awesome! My son is a Royal Marine Commando serving in the UK (where I'm originally from) and I would love to have a Royal Marine Mom sticker. Although it would say Royal Marine "MUM" which may lead people to believe I'm from Canada :-) He is preparing for his fourth deployment at the end of this year. He's already been to Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq and is set to return to Afghanistan for a second tour there.

My husband is a disabled OIF vet and the only vehicular military ID are the stickers on our windshield which allow us access to the base and Purple Heart plates.


This is the story of.... said...

Hi Gaile,

just in case you didn't see the comment I posted after yours on my "PTSD, TBI, Law Enforcement, And The Community" post I wanted to send you an email but there is not one on your blog so if you could email me at ptsdwife@yahoo.com that would be great. A photo would be awesome and I would also love to get you and your husband's perspective on the Law Enforcement side of dealing with combat veterans suffering from PTSD. Do they have any special training? I know ours do not which is a shame since were in close proximity to Fort Lewis and McCord Airforce base.

The majority at the presentation will be deputy sheriffs and police officers and I think (if he's available) a General might be in attendance also.

Warm regards,

Jeanne said...

I love that bumper sticker! Haha. I think you can find a photo of it from Sgt. Grit (www.grunt.com), if you want..

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