Sunday, June 19, 2011

video linkup, week 12

I have decided to make a FEW changes to this linkup, in hopes of getting more of you to actually LINK UP each week.  I know you're WATCHING the videos, and sometimes you're even nice enough to COMMENT on them, but the whole point is to get YOU to share one back, right? 

OK so beginning next week, I will post a 'theme' for the video linkup, such as Birthdays, Babies, Spoof Songs, Animals, etc.  Normally I will post something on FRIDAY to let you know what the theme will be, and the linkup will now open every MONDAY MORNING, and stay open until TUESDAY NIGHT. 

If these changes don't work to increase participation in the linkup, I will throw in the towel and close the linkup forever. (sad face).

For THIS WEEK, I am sharing a cool video that's neither funny nor sad. It's just cool. We just went to Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure, and I FINALLY got to see the new show, "World of Color".  We did a last-minute predeployment trip there last year, and the show was set to open just a couple weeks later - I was so bummed to miss it! Anyway, it proved worth the one year wait for me, and I highly recommend seeing it in person if you have a chance.

This video does not do it justice, but you get the general idea here.  Enjoy!

Now go post YOUR favorite video of the week - last chance to do one with NO theme! You can do something funny, sad, crazy, cool, just ANYTHING you want to share! As soon as you post it, copy the URL of YOUR POST, come back here and click the little blue "add link" button so you can paste YOUR link in the box, and follow the simple instructions.  Don't forget to link back to me in your post, so your readers can also join in if they choose.

Let's keep this linkup alive!


Gaile said...

Wow, not even ONE person linked up this week???

I'm DONE. I give up. No more video linkup.

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