Friday, June 3, 2011

shepherd's pie

I got a lot of blog hits on my last SIMPLE recipe post, so I thought I'd post another.

Sherpherd's Pie is basically a leftovers you can be pretty creative with the ingredients.  You generally layer meat, then veggies, then potatoes in a pie pan or casserole dish.  I didn't have any leftovers to work with this time, so I made everything specifically FOR shepherd's pie.  The cool thing about that is I got to take PICTURES to share! Here's my step-by-step:

I started by browning ground turkey in a skillet.  I added chopped onions and a little garlic powder for flavor.

I layered the meat in the bottom of a pie plate (for easy cleanup, spray the pie plate with cooking spray first!)

I added grated cheese this time, because, well, we LIKE cheese.  And it helps hold the meat layer together for serving, too.

I added some corn & peas

The best way to do this dish is with home-made mashed potatoes, but for this batch, I CHEATED:

That's pretty much it!

You can bake or microwave the whole pie before serving.  You can use ANY meat, ANY vegggies, and if you're not a fan of potatoes you can even use pasta or stove top stuffing for the top layer!  What could be simpler?

The best part, my boys LOVE this dish.  There's rarely any leftover.  Take it to a potluck, and as soon as people see what's in it, it will DISAPPEAR.  Seriously.


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