Monday, August 23, 2010


OK this post will be a little rushed because I put it off last night....

Bonehead moved back in with us 2 weeks ago, and aside from him being, well, a BONEHEAD, things are going well so far.  (If you missed the drama with this, you can catch up here  and HERE)
I'm working on getting another IEP meeting at his school, and hoping we can get him to actually TRY in school this year (school started Aug 11 here!)

Knucklehead on the bus leaving for Operation Purple camp

Knucklehead got to go to Operation Purple camp again this year, which was AWESOME - and is part of why I've barely SEEN him in the past 3 weeks.  The other part of it was the couple of weekends he spent with Grandpa (my FIL) and then the 8 day trip to Hawaii with same Grandpa.  He missed a week of school for this, but how often does a kid get to go to HAWAII, right?  My FIL was stationed over there about 10 years ago (he is now retired USMC) and he bought a house there, which he still owns but it is rented out since he now lives here in so-cal...a little over an hour away from us.  Anyway, Knucklehead had an awesome trip, and got a surfing lesson while there.  One lesson, and this kid can SURF!  I guess we'll be spending a lot of time at the beach next summer, since Bonehead also learned to surf this year, at his Operation Purple Camp.

Knucklehead surfing in Hawaii

I am almost DONE with the baby's nursery - I will post the before/after pictures over on the pregnancy blog soon.

Hubby is doing better, his moods are still kind of erratic but it sounds like he is focusing on his job, not stressing about things here at home.  I got a package from him last week that included the flash drive I had sent him full of photos from home - he actually loaded over 100 pictures from over there for me!  YAY!  There are only a handful of pictures of HIM on the drive, and most I can't post due to OPSEC, but here is a cropped one that I think is OK....and I LOVE this photo of him.

I miss him horribly - baby's birth could intensify that, but I'm hoping to keep busy enough at that point that it won't hit me too hard.

I'm still looking for more ideas for a giveaway for my 150th post - though at the rate I am going, it could be awhile before I get to 150.....


Brie said...

What made me smile today? You did. Everytime I come here I know I can hear the same song you've now got me hooked on. Makes me smile everytime. Haha.

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