Thursday, August 19, 2010

100 posts already?

Somehow I have missed a major milestone - this is my 102nd post on this blog!  I was planning to do something special when I reached 100, but since it slipped right past me, maybe I will mark the 150th post?

I'm considering doing a contest or giveaway, but don't know what type to I am asking you, my followers and anonymous stalkers, to please COMMENT here and tell me what kind of contests and giveaways you are most likely to participate in? 

For instance, do you like the ones with a random number generator choosing the winner?  Or maybe the ones that call on readers to VOTE for the winner? 

And for a giveaway, would you prefer a tangible prize that has to be shipped, or a semi-tangible (like an e-gift card that you can actually USE but don't have to wait for the snail-mail) or a non-tangible prize like design services?  I don't personally do blog design or photo editing or any of that cool stuff, but I am sure I could arrange for someone to either donate that type of prize, or sell their services to me really cheap so I could do the giveaway.  For tangible prizes, I make some pretty awesome custom greeting cards, or I could pick up a prize or 're-gift' something LOL (you guys re-gift stuff too, right?)  Or, I was thinking about giving away one of the books I am currently writing reviews on for my FRG....

I don't know, now I am just generating random babble.....time for you guys to weigh in!  Or, in the words of Adam Lambert, "What Do You Want From Me?"

(ha ha ha now that I got that song stuck in your head, hit the comment button and gripe about it - but only if you also answer the question!!!)


Goodnight moon said...

Woo-hoo!!!!! 102 posts! Hmm...I like the way of picking winners. That's just me personally though. As for a prize....hmmm...if you are doing a giveaway on your 150th post...then I think you should give $150 away! Yah...I like that idea *wink!

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