Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Maternity Pictures

Thank you SO much to my awesome friend Tara who took these pictures for me!

We had a blast at the beach and pier for the first part (except for the part where the ocean stole Tara's flip flops).  I loved the part under the pier where a wave came up and surprised me, and Tara got the picture at exactly that moment - totally candid.

We also did some indoor bare-belly pics, but most of those are for hubby only - sorry girls!  You get just this one, because I LOVE it so much:

In six weeks (or less!) I will be holding this little bundle of joy instead of modeling his comfy coccoon.  :)  I'm getting so excited!


Goodnight moon said...

Such great pictures!!!! I love all the pier ones...those are my fav! The one at sunset is awesome too!!!!! Hope your feeling well!!!!

Jessica said...

Those are amazing. I wish I would have gotten them done for my little boy. Maybe for the next one?(whenever that happens)

Stephanie Hartman said...

Aw what adorable pictures LOVE them you look AMAZING.

Jessica said...

Great pictures!! I love that they are on the beach.. wish I could have done some like that!

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