Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Set your DVR....

I went back to The Price Is Right again a couple weeks ago - trip # 17!  Some other audience members joked that I could be the 'Susan Lucci' of TPIR (she was nominated 17 times for a daytime emmy before she finally WON one).

Alas, I still did not get called to come on down, but one of the girls in my group DID!  Watch the show October 8th, and you will see me in the audience nearly wetting my pants when they called Christy down - and I know our group was on camera a lot because we had pretty good seats - we're in most of the audience shots.

caption on the back of my shirt:
"I've got a Marine, and I'm not afraid to use him!"

Christina's shirt said,
"He's MY Marine, get your own!"

After the taping we went out for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory - YUMMY!

I won't be going back to TPIR for awhile, since it is an all-day thing by the time you add L.A. traffic - maybe when little baby Bobblehead is 2 or so?  I'm not the kind of mom that can leave a baby for 12 hours before he can even talk.  If it was a shorter day, MAYBE I would go sooner.


Goodnight moon said...

Darn! You totally deserved to get called down, for as many times as you have been there. I loved your shirt! And the Cheesecake Factory.....yuuuuummmmy!!!!!

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