Monday, August 16, 2010

LIPS 'Gospel Brunch'

A couple weeks ago I got to go to LIPS for the drag queen version of Gospel Brunch.

I would love to go back again sometime when I can drink, because the brunch price includes unlimited mimosas or bloody marys - but even sober, this show is FANTASTIC!

outside with Laura before the show

hamming it up before the show

Tara (my photographer friend)

Nice melons!  LOL my 'girls' never come out in public...
this is my 'Vegas' shirt (you know, when in rome)
Oh yeah, and the watermelon was actually tasty.

The hostess for the morning, "Sister-Nun-Of-The-Above"
(sporting a fake preggo belly) doesn't get much more irreverent than that, folks! 

This group was throwing a bachelorette party - they got pretty WILD!

Laura double-fisting the mimosas

Tara sucked down quite a few yummy mimosas as well

Audience participation is always fun :)

I highly recommend this place to anyone in the San Diego area....check them out! 
Not a paid endorsement in any way, just my own unbiased opinion....even if you are not into drag queens (I'm really not) this is SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!


Goodnight moon said...

OMGosh...I wouldn't know what to do at a show like that! Especially if they came over to called me out. I get nervous! It looks like you had a FAB time!!!!!!

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