Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Return & Reunion Briefing!

OK I don't want to get TOOOO excited (who am I kidding, I already AM too excited)....

I got a call from our FRO yesterday to let me know about some upcoming dates for important get-togethers, including a free class for families of the Marines in hubby's detachment, called "Coping With Deployment" (better late than never, huh?) and......a date and time for the Return & Reunion Briefing!  It's not right away, of course, but just having THAT date on the calendar kinda gives me permission to start planning for the actual homecoming date.....and based on the R.R. Brief date, hubby's arrival home could very well be a week or two (or three!) ahead of what I had originally pictured or been told.  Sorry to be so vague, you know, OPSEC and all that.

I had told myself that I could start counting down weeks until APPROXIMATE homecoming as soon as we reached the halfway mark...which we just recently hit.  I was afraid to start counting down and then get disappointed if his return takes longer than expected, so I then told myself that "as soon as the baby is born" I can count weeks until hubby comes home......

Now, with this briefing date on my calendar, I am SO READY to start really counting down those weeks (and I pray they go as quickly as the weeks of this pregnancy have!  Already 35.5 weeks along!!!)

Another reason to smile: I won a giveaway!!!! Amber over at Goodnight Moon had this really cool Vintage Pearl Necklace giveaway and I WON!  WOO HOO!  :)

I happen to love vintage pearls, and the charm on this one says, "Live, Laugh. Blog".  How perfect is THAT for me?

THANKS AMBER!  Go check out her blog if you're not already following her.....her hubby just returned from a deployment and her adventures while he was gone literally had me laughing so hard I cried on more than one occasion.  Definitely one of my favorite blogs to read. :)

What made YOU smile today?


Goodnight moon said...

Ahhh are SOOOOO sweet!!!! Thank you! I'm was so excited when you were the lucky number picked! I mailed it out yesterday. Let me know once you got it:)

I love the countdown! Your on the downside now..woohoo! Once you have your will fly by! All those sleepless nights will run into each other and then before you know it, hubs will be home! I can't wait to see what your welcome home sign will say!

Thanks again lady! Love ya!

Josh said...

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TAW said...

Nice!! I remember on our last deployement getting the date for the return briefing just made it seem like the end was finally near. I think I cried during the whole thing too, just knowing that it was all almost over. :)

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