Thursday, September 2, 2010

S.H.I.T. (So Happy Its Thursday)

This week has been an unbelievably crazy roller coaster ride, and I am so incredibly relieved that it is almost OVER!

Bonehead's blowups have been pretty ridiculous since he moved back in a couple weeks ago - it's like he is two years old or something!  But in a scary, almost 6-foot-tall, man-sized version.  Fortunately I have not had to call the police (yet) but I nearly sent him back to my parents' house the other night.  I know his needs are not really met there, but if I am AFRAID of him, I can't very well meet his needs here, either.

He has also had a few blowups AT SCHOOL.  We started our school year here 3 weeks ago, and already he has had multiple run-ins with campus security, campus police, and various other staff members.  I don't know how many negative encounters he has had with other STUDENTS, because those go largely unreported.  He's not completing his schoolwork, and doesn't give a crap.  We have an IEP meeting scheduled for TOMORROW, but I don't think we'll be able to do anything for him; he has to WANT success, and right now he just doesn't.

Last week we had a very intense heat wave.  As in, 108 degrees daily in my backyard.  We expect these heat waves 2 or 3 times a year, for a few days, but this one came with crazy thunderstorms, which we are NOT used to here in southern CA.  CRAZY storms.  Very sudden, lots of wind blowing in all directions, & lightning everywhere, which ignited multiple brushfires, etc.  Thankfully that's all over with, and we even got a break of nice COOL weather for a few days, before returning today to 105 degree heat - which is expected to last through Saturday or Sunday, and then become bearable again.

Back-to-school-night for Knucklehead's school was a roller coaster in and of itself.  Knucklehead always LOVED school until last year - his fourth grade teacher was so strict (and 'mean') that he actually missed more school days than he was 'allowed' to, last year, mostly due to mysterious headaches and stomach aches, etc.  This is a kid who had a PERFECT attendance record before 4th grade.  I volunteered in his classroom every week and watched for signs of bullying or anything else that could have made my 'star student' suddenly NOT like school, and found that it was THIS TEACHER, and her overly stressed teaching style that had turned him against school.  I wanted him to switch to another class, but he is "GATE Identified" (GATE = Gifted And Talented Education) and this witchy teacher happens to be the GATE coordinator for the entire school...and was therefore the ONLY teacher available for 4th grade GATE students last year.  Of course there were times that I sent him to school WITH a 'tummy ache' or other malady, knowing that he wasn't really sick.  In the end, I had to admit that Mrs. Grumpy is a good teacher, but I was so happy when the school year ended.  So was Knucklehead. 

Fast forward to the beginning of 5th grade, and guess who Knucklehead's teacher is????  Oh yes, Mrs. Grumpy again.  Only this time she is teaching a 4/5 combo class! I was upset about BOTH the combo class placement AND the mean teacher placement, UNTIL I walked in for back-to-school night and found out about the new 'technology grant' that Mrs. Grumpy's class received - over the summer they installed some of the COOLEST GADGETS EVER in the classroom!  And Knucklehead was selected as one of two Student Mentors to attend some saturday trainings to become the new "gadget guy" for his class, to teach everyone else how to use the new tech stuff.  SO COOL!  (You already know I am "Gadget Girl" right? I wrote about this in a guest post on Flip Flops & Combat Boots awhile back.)  Oh, and the combo class is ALL 'gifted' students, so even the 4th graders will be offered the extra learning extensions that  the GATE program is supposed to provide.....I think I am OK with it for now, especially because Knucklehead LOVES school again - for now.

The main reason I am literally happy that today is Thursday is that my OB appointments are all on Thursdays....and today was my "37 week checkup"!  I am not QUITE to the 37 week mark, but am very anxious to meet this little (or maybe NOT so little!) guy.  Details about the checkup can be found on my pregnancy blog if you're interested, but overall, the pregnancy is going GREAT.  I am finally in that uncomfortable/miserable/impatient stage now, so blogging is even harder to do at the moment.

More soon, though, I PROMISE!


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