Sunday, June 6, 2010

stolen from facebook.....

I saw this as a status update on facebook, no idea who originally wrote it, but I had to share it here:

Recipe for a Military Spouse: 1 1/2 cups of Patience, 1 cup Courage, 3/4 cup Tolerance, dash of Adventure, 1 pound of Ability. Add 2 tablespoons elbow grease. Let sit alone for one year. Marinate frequently with salty tears. Pour off excess fat. Sprinkle lightly with money. "Knead" dough until payday. Season with international spices. Bake 20 years or until done. Makes unlimited servings.

**I love the 'until done' part.......some of us are DONE sooner than others!   :)


Expat Girl said...

I love this, you can get it on a sign, I want one for my kitchen!

Tiffanie said...

LOVE IT, love it, love it!!!

Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

I've seen this before, and I LOVE it! So true isn't it?

MilitaryMoMDis2k said...

I am glad to see other spouses in the military blogging about their experience in the military expecially during deployment. It is very refreshing. I feel like I am not alone know other people have bad days deployments are definitely not easy. I will keep reading your blog. I writing one myself. I am in the pre-deployment stages for my husbands second tour. we are almost done with this phase but I cannot tell when he is leaving for safety reasons (of course). I hope to keep in touch and feel free to check out my blog every once in a while if you would like I am sure it will be crazy!!! Especially the first 6 weeks of deployment.
From one military spouse to another.

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