Sunday, June 27, 2010

Guest blogging and memory lane

Today I am the 'guest blogger' on Nicole's blog, "Flip Flops and Combat Boots"....check out my musings over there, and get a look at her fancy new layout!

And now, you are cordially invited to join me on a walk down memory lane.....

If you've read my blog, you know how life-altering it was when my hubby went to Officer Candidate School in 2004....I just came across photos from his OCS graduation saved in my computer:

(how stinking CUTE was Bonehead?
Almost ten years old here, and Knucklehead turned 4
a week after OCS started)

This is usually the closest he comes to SMILING in pictures...

but moments later I caught THIS one!  love those dimples!

check out Knucklehead's hair!

not the best picture of me, but this was the last time I had short hair -
hubby hated it.
but he was impressed with my 45 lb weight loss
during the 16 weeks we had been apart!
his dad was BEYOND proud to see his son follow in his footsteps
(my FIL was a reserve officer for the last half of his military career, also prior enlisted, and retired as a Colonel)

Hubby with his two sisters - so great that they got to fly to Virginia for this!

and finally.....totally unrelated, but also worth sharing:
This photo was taken when we were awaiting the birth of Knucklehead, ten years ago. This was a few hours into a painful day of Pitocin to induce labor - before we were sent home disappointed and told to WAIT some more. Sweet little Knucklehead did not actually make his debut until ten days AFTER this photo was taken, but since I won't have a chance to get another photo like this, (thanks again, Deployment!) I cherish this snapshot.


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