Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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I asked my husband to send a note of encouragement to our ten-year-old, and this is what he sent:

Dear *****,

First, know that I love you very much. Please understand that our society has many problems and polarizing issues that cause consistent conflagrations. Our fore fathers who left us our country, our liberty, and our freedom also left us with a lot of responsibility. They put their lives, their property, and their happiness on the line to ensure that the future would have at least the same opportunities if not more than they did. These values: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are not our birth right, they are our inalienable rights that must be protected and nurtured under the laws set forth in the Constitution. Inalienable (rights) means that they apply to everyone, not just Americans (citizens of the US), people all over the world. We must stand ready to assist those fledgling democracies all over the world that need our protection from tyranny. We cannot just sit home in comfort watching the news about places all over the world where people are brutalized, exploited, and murdered with or without cause, especially if those people are crying out for freedom. We must assist all who need it. Remember, it was only seventy years ago that we stood on a very high ledge where the world almost plunged into unending nepotistic tyranny. Talk about politics and world affairs if you will, but don’t complain about the people or the actions that give you the freedom to TALK about these things. You can complain about issues if you want, but unless you get off the bench and do something about it, then remain respectfully reverent and thank those who do. Remember, the only thing tyranny needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

I know that you will do well in whatever you do. I see the divine spark in you that causes you to do the right thing and stand up for others who cannot defend themselves. Please keep your spirit and try as hard as you can at everything you do. I know you will.

Enjoy your donut day. I would be there if I could. I think the world of you and know that you are great. Thanks for being who you are. I’ll be home soon. Take care of your Mother.

I love you.

Semper fidelis ductus exemplo,


(Capt. *****, USMC)

OK so aside from the fact that he apparently forgot he was talking to a TEN-YEAR-OLD for the main part of this letter, all I can say is WOW. Pretty amazing, huh?

Knucklehead's class is having a 'Donuts with Dads' event tomorrow, and poor little guy is not complaining, but he is definitely sad that Dad can't be here (donuts are their special treat together when Daddy is home).  So I had asked hubby to send something to Knucklehead, preferably a picture of himself or something to cheer him up.

And he sent THIS. 

Just wanted you all to see why I LOVE  this man so much!

As much as deployment sucks, I would do this ten more times if I had to for this amazing man.......but don't tell him that!


Just Jenn said...

Maybe in your next care package you can send a package of Hostess powered donuts. You know the ones you find in the gas station. And then buy a pack for your son as well. Pick a date about a month out (giving plenty of time for the mail to get there) and have that be Donuts with Dad Day. Tell dh that he has to wait and eat the donuts on July 9th (or whatever) and have your son eat his that same day. I know it's not the same but there still will be a connection knowing that for one day he ate donuts just like dad. :) We did that with Hotess cupcakes to celebrate my hubbys bday while he was in Iraq. Oh, and take pictures to send to DH! :)

And I have to say the letter was beautiful but I was like HOLY COW! Her son must be a genuis! :)

Amy said...

That's awesome! Unfortunately at my kids school when they did donuts for Dad they said only a male figure could accompany the child. They were quite upset that I was not allowed to go with them. And I love the idea that Jenn posted in the comments about setting a date for donuts. Very cute.

Jordan Streetman said...

I just stated bawling, that was written so beautifully. You son will have that one day and it's going to mean more to him that he can even imagine right now I am sure.

Gaile said...

Jenn, I love that donut idea! I was already planning to send a bunch of that kind of stuff in the next package in lieu of birthday cake, since hubby's birthday is coming up. And yes, knucklehead IS kind of a genius. :) Actually all of my kids are freakishly smart, they just have a tendency to forget how smart they are as soon as puberty hits.

Amy, I wanted my dad or my father-in-law to step in for this but both are unable to make it. My little brother (knucklehead's favorite uncle) lives right by the school and was invited, but his work schedule changed and he can't make it either. I know I could worm my way in there, since I work at the school AND constantly volunteer in his classroom, but I think I would cry, wishing that hubby could be there. Besides, if I go, I will EAT donuts, and that's the last thing I need!

Jordan, I was thinking the exact same thing! Actually, judging by the overall tone of the letter, I think that's what hubby was going for - something our son will treasure for years to come.

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