Tuesday, May 24, 2011

yet another picture post (with a video, too!)

May 2011 has been an exciting month for us.

Bonehead finished his third year of JROTC, and we actually all made it to his awards ceremony!  Missed the drill competition part, which I would have LOVED to videotape, but at least we saw the awards part.

Bonehead also finally made it to his confirmation (although I admit I wanted to strangle him ON THE WAY to the church....this boy continues to push all of my buttons!)

Knucklehead is absolutely AMAZING with Baby Bobblehead.....always helpful no matter what.

Speaking of Knucklehead, this season of basketball ended well.....we were tied for third place going into the playoffs, and we lost our first (and therefore ONLY) playoff game.  We had a team party at my co-coach's house, and the boys all had a BLAST!  Burgers, hot dogs, chips, etc etc etc. 

Oh, and lets not forget, CAKE! My friend Regina (who also co-coached with me, even though her own kids are too young to play yet) made this.....I absolutely LOVE the idea of putting cake balls on the cake!  Isn't she awesome???

Bobblehead is learning to crawl...he still does more of a 'scoot' than a crawl, but he's definitely what you would call MOBILE.

He also loves hanging out with his cousin, 2 weeks older than him:

"So this monkey walks into a bar...."

LOL....looks like his cousin (on the right) didn't get the joke.


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