Sunday, May 22, 2011

video linkup, WEEK 8!!!

I'm torn between feeling excited that this linkup is still alive after 8 weeks, and being SAD that the participation is still just a handful of (AWESOME) bloggers.  Are you linking back to this post on your own blog after you share your link here? (or before, doesn't matter)  If your followers can't find me, they can't join in the fun!

This week's video is a cute one - and there are MILLIONS of these out there (literally).

Do you have kids?  If so, did you get to do anything FUN to break the news to anyone?  My first three pregnancies were all 'surprises' (AKA unplanned) so when we finally got to TRY for number 4, and were successful, I was thrilled to be able to tell EVERYONE.  My mom was the most fun: we had planned a trip to a taping of The Price Is Right (on her birthday the previous year she got called down as a contestant!  SO EXCITING!....but this was supposed to be MY was my 16th attempt to get on the show). I always make the shirts, and her shirt for this trip was supposed to say "Grammy of 23".  Yeah, I know, that's a LOT of grandchildren! So, when I showed up to pick her up that morning I gave her her shirt, which said "Grammy of 24"....she was confused for just a second before a little lightbulb went off, and she looked at me and asked, "who's pregnant?"...That's when I opened my jacket to show her MY shirt, which had a picture of my positive pregnancy test, and the words, "HEY MOM, I'M PREGNANT"

I still can't believe I didn't get picked to be a contestant that day!  HA HA HA. I went back once more with a group of milspouses, and one of the girls in my group got on and WON some cool trip number 19 might just be the charm!

OK so now that I've completely rambled on, what is YOUR video for the week?  Click the little button at the bottom of this post to add your link (make sure you enter YOUR blog URL in the box when prompted)

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A Sailor's Wife said...

awww!! that made me tear up!

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